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I would buy my small silver pug, Björk, a mansion if I could. It feels like a logical next step from the Ugg boots I got her last winter. But because I live in New York City, in a small apartment, that isn’t necessarily possible. Instead, I decided to opt for a mid-century modern dog crate by the brand Fable. Maybe that was a little selfish since it essentially moonlights as a beautiful side table, and so far, everyone who’s seen it assumes it’s an expensive vintage piece I scored and not a home for my dog when I’m out. But honestly, she deserved it. Especially because she already owns a collection of sweaters by a designer who has made outfits for the likes of Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and now, the other Björk. 

Björk spends a significant amount of her day lounging on the pastel pink Fable memory-foam dog bed that sits inside her luxurious crate with her pink fluffy Christian Cowan dog sweater on. Just seeing her sitting there, in a $95 sweater, inside a $395 crate, on top of a $120 bed, warms my heart. Not just because it’s adorable, and more than a little bit ridiculous, but because she looks genuinely happy. Not to mention the whole scene is extremely aesthetically pleasing. Naturally, she also owns a knit frozen yogurt toy modeled after the iconic Forty Carrots in Bloomingdale’s. What can I say? My dog loves luxury. Like mother, like daughter. 

Credit: Courtesy of Tara Gonzalez

Thankfully, Christian Cowan’s extremely hard-to-get dog sweaters, which notoriously sell out quickly, are actually on sale right now at Nordstrom in a rainbow color. This is perfect timing, not just because I feel the need to buy Björk my her favorite sweater in a new color, but because we are in peak dog sweater season. Maybe I’m biased, but I’d argue it’s the greatest time of the year. Nordstrom has the perfect selection, from some red-carpet-worthy options to some more simple options, too. 

Today, the wind chill was so intense in New York, it felt like it was 10 degrees outside. Needless to say, Björrk did not want to move from her favorite place, her Fable crate, all day. And while I love the sight of her just as much as I love the sight of the crate, which has become my side table for coffee books, floral arrangements, and just about anything else, I realized something was missing. So did I still put on her favorite Christian Cowan sweater? Of course. 

I’m convinced that’s what luxury is: A dog sitting in a bite-size mid-century modern home wearing a designer sweater. Listen, if I can’t afford that life for myself just yet, I’m glad at least one of us gets to live it. With so many incredible dog sweater options on sale at Nordstrom right now, there’s no reason not to do the same. And listen, you might as well throw in a fancy dog crate while you’re at it. I guarantee your dog deserves it and the sight of it will bring you so much joy, it’s worth the price alone. 

Shop the best dog sweaters below at Nordstrom.

Maxbone Christian Cowan Pink Fluffy Dog Sweater

Maxbone Christian Cowan Rainbow Fluffy Dog Sweater

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Vince Cable Wool Dog Sweater

The Barkers Fido Cashmere Dog Sweater

The Barkers Fido Navy Cashmere Dog Sweater

Little Beast Flower Power Pet Sweater

Little Beast Peanut Butter Dog One Piece 

Little Beast U + Me Pet Sweater

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