‘Newsies’ Stars Share Cool, Unique Things About the Movie

Lowe’s modern-day watch is visible in a crucial scene.

boots reaching for bread in newsies movie

There’s one scene where the actor accidentally left his personal watch on.

Walt Disney Pictures

In one scene, the camera zooms in on Boots ringing a bell, and Lowe’s modern-day watch is visible on his wrist.

“The wardrobe guy always came and took my watch because I’m a kid, I’m 12. I was like, ‘Wait, this is one of the coolest watches I own, like, I’m not taking it off.’ It just so happens that one day he forgot to collect my stuff and put it in the bag,” Lowe told Insider.

He added, “All of a sudden the sleeve comes down — now there’s the watch. And then it ended up in the final cut.”

Lowe also recalled Ortega seeing it in the cut and telling him, “So you know that watch? Just couldn’t take it off for one day, could you?'”

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