Multisensory Design Tips For Your Home

Your bedroom should be a restful space — somewhere you can flop onto a cushy bed, close your eyes, and inhale deeply for instant relaxation. Pay special attention to touch in this room. Lay down a plush rug so your bare feet have a soft place to land the moment you hop out of bed. Since you’ll be enveloping yourself in the bedding, choose extra-lush fabrics like chenille, velvet, or even satin. The same goes for throw pillows — look for fun, organic shapes (maybe ovals or cylinders) and interesting textured effects like tufts, tassels, and fringe.

Consider how you can channel softness in appealing to your other senses, as well. You might add a dainty pastel vase full of silk (or real) wildflowers or hang multidimensional art like a crocheted wall hanging or an abstract, wavy puddle mirror alongside framed photographs. Scent can be a particularly powerful tool for relaxation, so you might keep one of your favorite perfumes or aromatherapy sprays next to the bed.

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