Mozambican sports and hobbies

Mozambicans are passionate about their sport; With a focus on football and to a lesser extent other sports. There are plenty of opportunities for hobbies and recreational activities, but sometimes these can be quite expensive, you will find that most Mozambicans are not able to participate. Like most other aspects of this beautiful country, the lack of infrastructure combined with the level of poverty has had a profound effect on the development of sports and hobbies across the country.

As a result of this, many of the most popular games are those that do not require much money to play.


Football, sometimes referred to simply as football because of its Portuguese influence, is extremely popular in Mozambique, as in other African countries. You will often see both children and adults playing casual games, especially on weekends. Due to infrastructure challenges the structure of proper club football is not as good as in other countries, but there are still some professional clubs. There is a lot of exchange between Portugal and Mozambique in terms of football, with players and teams from each country regularly playing with and against each other.

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Athletics is a sport that should not be widely practiced, because of its relative ease of involvement. Mozambique sometimes punch above their weight in this area of ​​the sport, winning the gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics to prove that they can compete at the highest level.


Unlike most other southern African countries, basketball is a very popular sport in Mozambique. Despite being recognized internationally since 1978, the Mozambique national team has yet to win any notable championships. This certainly hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm for the game and it is still quite widespread.


The martial arts sport of capoeira is starting to take off in Mozambique, which is rapidly increasing in popularity.


Stadiums and sports facilities are in short supply in Mozambique, with some world-class facilities recently being built with foreign investment. Outdoor areas have little or no facilities, while soccer clubs all attract investment. The newest and best stadium is the Estadio do Zimpeto which opened in 2011 and can seat 42,000 people. Despite being known as a multi-use stadium, it is used almost exclusively for soccer matches.


The types of hobbies available in Mozambique are generally all of the physical, outdoor variety. More popular hobbies include:

  • Fishing: With a substantial coastline, Mozambique is known for fishing. It takes the form of both subsistence and recreational fishing. The country is well known for sport fishing and is largely unspoiled, making it a firm favorite with both local and international visitors.

  • Watersports: Any type of water sport, be it sailing, diving or just swimming, is quite popular due to the warm weather and water.

  • Sand Boarding: Being a fairly easy sport to learn and not always requiring a lot of equipment, sand boarding is a relatively new hobby that has started to become quite popular.

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