8 ways to make money online from the comfort of your home

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money online from the comfort of your home

Acquiring money has always been associated with working offline, “the traditional patterns” almost everywhere. It is never an easy task. You will be paid when you provide services by full time working of 8-9 hrs under the boss or an employer.

Since Internet is easily accessible, most of the people are looking for online ways to make money though you have to be very careful what platform you opt for. There are some modes which are suitable for students, housewives, by which they can make out some wealth.

Some ways are highlighted here by which you can generate certainly a good fortune.

Let’s talk about the online ways to earn money:-

  1. YouTube– Preparing videos need some experience but if your title, content is catchy, and attractive to the people, you can easily bring in hard cash. There are some conditions to be fulfilled; like your channel should have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watching time. Some of the famous Youtubers who are obtaining a handsome money are FitTuber, Mostlysane, Beerbiceps etc. The borderline concept is as much as you are using the social sites, you will get a good number of viewers. You can share your videos on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. from where you can actually attract a good amount of viewers.
  2. Make your own website– Well, this is quite a skilled area, and it also requires some bit of hard work. Lot of websites are available which can explain you, how to prepare your website like buying a domain, webhosting, templates, choosing the design and lot more. Once you are ready with the material, you can sign up for google AdSense. When visitors on your website click on the ads, it will help you in making big bucks.
  3. Affiliate Marketing- Affiliation is also connected with your website. Once you start getting traffic onto your website, you can permit other companies to insert their web links onto your site. Visitors will discern the products and buy it via your website; you can make a good fortune here.
  4. Freelancing – Some people find it fake, but the reality is there are so many websites, which say, we will give money and they don’t. Initially, if they charge some amount, it means they are fraudulent. Some genuine websites, from where you can make a good amount are: – fiverr.com, peopleperhour.com, appen.com, upwork.com etc. You can mention here the skills, your experience level and on the basis of that, you can easily attain $5 per hour also. Again, you have to give time on these websites; it is not an easy task to reap money from here.
  5. Content Writing- Content writing is also obtaining some popularity now a days. If you have the perfection in any language, you can give your ad on Olx, Indeed, Quikr for content writing and you can also provide some samples too. Within a month only, you will start getting the work. Initially, you will not get more than 10p per word. As you get experience, you can increase your charges to 40-50p per word also. Some bloggers work on a fix rate, like they charge 75-10/-. per content; it’s up to you how many words you want.  There is a website wemedia.com, they look for new content, and the most important condition is there should be no plagiarism. For each passed content, they pay you a good amount and so many contests are always available on the website, you can easily earn 3000-5000 in 2 or 3 days, by participating in those contests.
  6. Online Surveys- So many websites available for the online surveys, but only few of them give you the cash. Surveys can be given randomly on any topic or you need to write a review of a particular product. Sometimes they ask you about the fashion products, you use on a daily basis, how much do you spend monthly on your makeup products, which is your favourite brand and why etc. and similar questions are asked one by one. Some surveys are quite lengthy and some are fine. For instance- if you go to Yougov.com, they provide sometimes, quite lengthy surveys, there is a fixed amount, you can withdraw. For every survey, you get some points. Second is Swagbucks.com, of course you get lot of surveys and some daily tasks also you have to perform, you can earn money by playing games available on this website.  They also give you some points, and there is a fixed withdrawal amount too.
  7. Online Trading- This is also one of the most popular ways to earn money online. However, it needs lot and lot of practice to get expert in that. Second thing, if you have enough savings, then only you should go for this. So that, by chance, if you face any loss, it won’t be a big deal for you. Otherwise, initially, it’s not a good option to directly jump into trading. Yes, that’s true, if you get a good experience, then you can get the pay out as much as you want.
  8. Online Tutoring- Online Tutoring is in great demand, from the places where good tutors are not physically available like Nagaland, Manipur, Assam etc. There are some websites where you can create your profile and list out which classes and which subjects you can take like Vedantu.com, Myprivatetutor.com, and Bharattutors.com etc.  Some websites provide flexible and convenient time too according to the tutor and they pay weekly or hourly basis also. So, if you are good in any subject, you can easily create profile and start making a profit.

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