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Sharing news, exciting or mundane, is one of our most favorite activities. On a daily basis, we share many updates on our social networks. Collecting information from various sources, following the latest trends- these are what we love the most. But it takes a lot of trouble and involves a lot of effort. That’s where mobile news apps come as a boon!

What is News App?

A news app is an omnireader that gets news feeds from many different categories like fitness, food, art, Hollywood, Bollywood, photography, politics, art and similar topics of interest. Feeds are typically customized according to the user’s geographic location, undoubtedly an attractive advantage for local digital natives!

They not only focus on premium content publishers but also get quality content written by renowned authors.

What are some of the features of news apps that make it ‘right up our alley’?

When we’re sharing information, or reading on the web, we instinctively want things to happen fast. One such news app offers exactly that. It consolidates information in one place. It also allows us to skim through information quickly. In addition, it is possible to read the full story on the app itself without the need to visit the original webpage. Some news apps allow bookmarking so that we can go back to where we stopped, just like in a real book!

Digital natives like us love to personalize our space on the web. A good app will have the option to customize the reading space to your liking. If you select your areas of interest, the news app will compile and provide you all the articles related to them from top publishers. Plus, it brings you the whole story and not just parts of it. It can be linked to all your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more to easily share interesting content with friends and family, tailored to its purpose!

Some premium apps don’t take the hassle of creating accounts and offer an easy login feature. Simply logging in through Facebook will do the job. All servers are synced for easy access and browsing!

With so many attractive benefits, and with browsing and sharing so easy, a mobile news app If you want to stay updated all the time then this is the way to go. Install one and enjoy surfing and sharing!

Source by Puneet Badam

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