Mistakes of China that led to the spread of Corona Virus

If China had taken precautionary steps when corona virus started ,the world’s 95 percent loss could have been stopped. The death of 95 percent of the people of the world due to corona would not have happened. 95 percent of the people infected with corona virus could have remained healthy.

The lockdown happening in many parts of the world could be stopped. Today many people are starving in their houses. The global economy is destroyed. The investors in share market have lost a lot of money. China has a communist government which is not transparent like democratic governments. Today the lives of crores of people is in danger due to corona virus. China is saying that it has succeeded in controlling the virus. The whole world is viewing China as the culprit for the spread of corona virus. Some people have even said that the virus is made in China.

The first patient of corona virus was seen in Wuhan on 10 December. In November ,there were reports of some people getting infected with virus. It was China’s mistake that it suppressed this news. If this would have happened in India ,the news would not have been suppressed. Instead this news would have been spread around the world through the medium of media, social media and international organisations. Indian government would have informed other governments about this virus. In China, the government did not believe in the spread of virus in the beginning.

When the Chinese government believed in the spread of virus,it made immense efforts to conceal this information. The scientists who found out the virus were silenced.The samples of the virus were destroyed. On 3rd January,the Chinese National Health Commission ordered the laboratories of Wuhan to destroy the samples of virus. The laboratories were even directed to not discuss about it. Doctor Lee Venleyong and Ifen tried to spread awareness about the virus through the medium of social media. But these two were taken in custody and faced threat of legal action. Later ,Doctor Lee Venleyong died due to the infection of Corona Virus. When representatives of Amercica’s centre for diseases control and prevention went to China, full information was not told to them .

China neglected the spread of virus when it began infecting people. China gave permission for pot luck dinner on the occasion of Chinese new year in January. Forty Thousand families ate together in this dinner. These families brought food from their home. At the average of three people per family, one lac people gathered in Wuhan which is now famous as the global centre of corona virus.

Later on when the virus spread badly, it became clear that there were lot of infected people among those who gathered in Wuhan for pot luck dinner. A member of Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party pointed out at this mistake of mass gathering in Wuhan. Lakhs of people travelled from one place to another during Chinese new year.

It was China’s mistake to not use early warning system of centre for diseases control till the end of December. This system was purchased for 750 crores . It was purchased after the outbreak of SARS disease in 2003. It was China’s mistake to conceal the fact that the virus spreads from human to human. It is being said that corona virus spread from the meat market of China where live animals or organisms were sold. The Chinese communist government gave permission to such meat markets.

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