Michael Gove appears to drop manifesto pledge to build 300,000 new homes a year 

Liz Truss is preparing to announce the UK will unilaterally change parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol as early as next week after telling Brussels its solutions to post-Brexit border problems would actually make the situation worse (you can read the full story here). 

Michael Gove, the Levelling Up Secretary, insisted this morning the UK will continue to negotiate with the EU but stressed unilateral action could be taken, telling Sky News that “nothing is off the table”. 

He said: “Three things from the Brexit negotiation: One, Boris in the past has proved himself to be an expert negotiator and has secured what he has needed, when he has needed it. 

“Secondly, part of that is being prepared to say ‘look, if I don’t get what I want in this negotiation I am prepared to walk away and to use alternative methods’.

“And then three, always, always, always make sure that you have some cards you keep close to your chest so that you don’t reveal your hand entirely to the other side.”

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