Mercy’s Super Jump Could Become An Official Ability In ‘Overwatch 2’

One of the big complaints about Overwatch 2 so far is that supports haven’t quite gotten the same level of attention as their tank and DPS cohorts. With less protection from enemies due to only having one tank per team and a reduction in CC abilities, supports are ripe for the picking for diving and flanking opponents.

The devs have started taking some steps to address that by, for one thing, upgrading Zenyatta’s melee. His new Snap Kick delivers some sweet chin music to enemies, knocking them further away into a better range for his orb attacks or off a ledge for an environmental kill.

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Now, it seems Mercy is in line for an upgrade. For years, Mercy players have been able to exploit her tech to let her briefly soar into the air — even without triggering Valkyrie. While the super jump has been an open secret for a long time, it’s not explained in the game at all and it can be tricky to pull off. In the future, though, super jump could become an official part of Mercy’s kit.

“Internally, we have started testing improvements to Mercy’s verticality, leaning into the unintended consequences of player discovery. We want to take it a step further by making the ability to ‘super jump’ more consistent for everyone — not just the players who know the (not so) secret technique. Mercy’s mobility has always been a core part of her kit and we will continue to look for ways to accentuate it and make it more accessible for everyone.”

It’s worth noting that this has been discussed for at least a couple of years. Making super jump a formal ability was raised in a Q&A with devs in July 2020, with lead hero designer Geoff Goodman noting that was a “reasonable request.”

While it’s good to hear that it could soon be much easier for players to trigger super jump, I wonder how Mercy mains will take the news, especially if the tech is put onto a cooldown instead of making it, say, a passive ability. Still, giving Mercy more mobility (or at least an easier way to activate super jump) should help her evade diving enemies and flankers.

However, in discussing the role of supports in general in Overwatch 2, the devs say it’s important to make sure supports can survive and be effective without necessarily getting more mobility. “We know support players want additional tools and power to be more impactful in Overwatch 2, and the role remains our highest adjustment priority as the beta continues,” they wrote.

“Heroes like Lúcio and Moira are demonstrations of the effectiveness of mobility in Overwatch 2,” the blog post reads. “We’ve seen early indicators of a playstyle shift in the support community to favoring mobility and a strong ability to either disengage completely or face down flankers one-on-one. As we make balance decisions on how, or if, to address this moving forward, we do so with a goal of ensuring that there is diversity in design and abilities for the support role, and that effectiveness isn’t determined solely by a hero’s mobility potential.”

The blog post hinted at some other changes, such as tuning down Moira’s damage and healing output “to bring her more in line with other supports.”

Tweaks to Junkrat and Symmetra could be on the way in the future too. The devs note that while the heroes have historically been highly effective shield breakers, there aren’t as many barriers for them to bust in Overwatch 2, so they feel slightly out of place in the emerging meta.” Those two aren’t the focus for changes at the minute, but they’re at least on Team 4’s radar.

Elsewhere, the post touched on other learnings from the beta so far. For one thing, the team found that tanks and supports are dying more often in Overwatch 2 than in the live game. That was particularly the case for support players with high SR (i.e. high Diamond and above) in the face of skilled tank and DPS opponents.

Meanwhile, the devs say that queue times have been vastly improved since Open Queue mode was added last week: “Following Thursday’s update, players on average experienced 48% less time spent waiting for a match, gradually leveling off at around 22% improvement over the weekend. For both damage and support players, beta queue times are now faster than the 6v6 live service without sacrificing match fairness or quality measures.”

Lastly, there will be one more balance patch for this Overwatch 2 beta. You’ll only have a few days to test whatever changes it brings forth, though, as this first beta is scheduled to end on Tuesday, May 17 at 2PM ET.

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