Medical Science can defeat Corona

There is lot of terror in the mind of people due to the spread of corona virus but still there is hope due to advancements made in medical science. Almost everyone believes that scientists will soon discover the treatment of covid-19 and its vaccine. There has been a lot of progress in the direction of making the vaccine. Corona virus can terrorize people till its vaccine becomes available for the common man. The period of terror will not prevail very long as medical science has made tremendous achievements.

The treatments of many types of diseases have been discovered. There has been tremendous progress in providing immediate relief to patients. Replacement of heart,liver and kidney has been made possible by medical science. Medical science has saved lakhs of lives, reduced sorrows of people and increased the lifespan of people.

Along with giving assurance of treatment of diseases, medical science divides the society in various groups. One group consists of those people who can afford sophisticated treatment of complex diseases. The income and savings of such people is high so they can easily afford latest treatment methods. These people can go to any part of the world and enjoy treatment in five star hospitals. Second group consists of those people who have medical insurance or will sell their property to arrange money for their treatment. The third group consists of a large population who have somehow managed to arrange for the necessities of life. These people do not have enough money for the treatment of serious diseases. These people have access to government hospitals. The situation is not idle in government hospitals. Long lines are seen in government hospitals. Long waiting list for important operations is a reality in government hospitals. It is not hidden that many people die without receiving full treatment.

When corona virus started spreading in India , many people were worried about the health facilities. There were news showing doctors and nurses per thousand people. Analysis of doctors in government hospitals were made. There was a common outcome of all analysis that if covid-19 spreads in India ,our health structure would be insufficient in treating all the patients. The government also understood this thing and imposed a lockdown of 21 days in the country. After seeing the condition of America and those nations who were proud of their health system, it seems that decision of full lockdown was a wise decision. Lockdown was a thing to learn from China in controlling covid-19.

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