Maximize your website’s Advertisement Potential

Maximize your website’s Advertisement Potential

If you are struggling with low revenue despite high page views on your website or simply wish to maximize your profits, The Moneytizer could be a great CPM platform.

It is an advertising network based on Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM), which means that the Advertisers fix their price per 1000 ads served and pay each time their ad appears. When you display the ads on your website, you will earn revenue each time a CPM ad is served to your page and viewed by a user.

The Moneytizer allows the advertisers to compete with each other to place their ads on your website. Similar to an auction, the highest bidder wins. This frees you from having to seek out advertisers on your own and be able to Maximize your website’s Advertisement Potential earnings.

Maximize your website’s Advertisement Potential They have a network of 40,000+ sites with 250 million unique visitors per month worldwide.

Features: Maximize your website’s Advertisement Potential

(1.) Header Bidding

Header bidding is a way for publishers to have a simultaneous auction from all the bidders, unlike the sequential strategy that Google uses. So they can sell their space to the highest bidder. In return, advertisers can access premium inventories and target audience in a better way.

The Moneytizer uses a more improved algorithm using its proprietary Header Bidding technology that allows advertisers to compete for ad space on your website. A dynamic price structure ensures that the ad price does not reduce. This will allow your site ads to get the maximum value.
Maximize your website’s Advertisement Potential Over 40 international clients have till now signed up with the Moneytizer.

(2.) High Impact Ad Units

The Moneytizer offers 14 types of high impact ad units. A large and high quality ad will be fetch a higher CPM value when compared to smaller ad units. The units include native-article ads, half-page banners, mobile ads, video formats, etc.

(3.) Smart Ad Refresh

The Moneytizer’s Smart Ad Refresh technology ensures that viewable ads are automatically refreshed to increase impression count. This prevents the same ads appearing on different sites the user is browsing and will be more effective.

(4.) Fast Setup

Unlike other ad networks with multiple integration procedures, the signup process for the Moneytizer is very simple and easy.

Just fill the registration form and once approved, you’ll receive your tags within 24 hours to complete the setup. They even offer a WordPress plugin which makes it easy to place ads, see statistics, request new ad units and more.

(5.) Easy Opt-Out

There is no binding contract for The Moneytizer. The platform is free and without commitment or contract. You can opt-out and disable their ads anytime with simple clicks.

(6.) No Spammy Links

The Moneytizer is very strict about ad quality and strives to provide the highest quality ads possible. They rigorously check if the advertisements lead to spam, popups or other malicious sites and approve them accordingly.

(7.) Unified Reporting

Unified reporting helps you gain beneficial insights into your revenue, available at the click of a button.

(8.) Dedicated Customer Support

All publishers are assigned a dedicated account manager to handle ad operations, provide support, troubleshoot and answer any enquiries.

(9.) 100% Compatible with Google DoubleClick for Publishers(DFP) and Adsense.

How To Use The Moneytizer to Maximize your website’s Advertisement Potential

The minimum requirements for your site are as follows:

(1.) At least 10,000 monthly unique visitors (not pageviews).
(2.) Should have original content.
(3.) No websites related to streaming, or having adult content, sensitive content, bitcoin, etc. are allowed.
(4.) No fraudulent advertising activities.

If your website meets the above criteria, you can start with registration.process. Maximize your website’s Advertisement Potential

1. To apply, go to this link -> complete CAPTCHA & prove you aren’t bot -> click CONTINUE -> wait 10 SECONDS -> click GET LINK 3 or 4 times.

2. Enter your website URL and click on “Moneytize” button.
3. Next, provide your personal information (whether as a company or a person).
4. Now, you need to give complete information about your website like its URL, target audience, website category and unique visitors per month.

On submission, your account will be created and you will be redirected to the dashboard. Now you can activate your website by placing the ads.txt file in your root server location.

The Moneytizer team will check your website and decide if it can be approved. This is usually done within 48 hours.

The Moneytizer Payouts (Maximize your website’s Advertisement Potential)

Once you have earned $50 in advertising by the end of the month, an invoice will automatically be generated on the 10th of the following month. The payment is automatically transferred to you via PayPal or Bank Transfer 60 days after the billing invoice.

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