LPG Gas Subsidy

LPG Gas Subsidy Status

Most of you will have an LPG gas connection in your home. In such a situation, many people will also be taking advantage of the LPG GAS subsidy. Although subsidy money is now limited to just Rs 30-35. If this much money is coming into your account, then it is important for you to know about it. Although the gas subsidy money goes to your respective bank account on its own. Many times the money does not reach the bank account by mistake. So now the question is how to find out whether the gas subsidy money is coming into the account or not. Let’s know.

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First type www.mylpg.in the browser of your smartphone. Now you will see the picture of the gas cylinders of the gas companies on the right click on the photo of the gas cylinders of your service provider.

After this, a new window will open which will be from your service provider. Now the option of sign-in and the new user will be found at the top right. Now, if you have already created your ID, then sign in and have not created it. Then click on New User and create an ID.

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After login, you see the view cylinder booking history on the right side. By clicking on it, you will get information on which cylinder you have received a subsidy and when. At the same time, if subsidy money is not coming into your account, then you can also complain by clicking the feedback button.

If you have not linked your LPG ID to the account, then you can solve this problem by meeting with the distributor. Also, you can register a complaint by calling 18002333555 for free.

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