Lost Smartphone

Lost Smartphone?

Finding a lost smartphone is nothing short of a challenge in itself. The surprising thing is that many times the local police do not even write reports of stolen phones. In such a situation, it is an option for the common man to forget his lost Smartphone, but Samsung’s new technology can greatly help in finding lost Smartphones and deleting data. Let’s know about it.

South Korean company Samsung has launched a new app named SmartThings Find. This app is capable of searching for your phone. Its special thing is that it works even if your phone does not have a network, although Google also has a similar feature called Find My Device it does not work without the internet.

Samsung already has a technology called Find My Mobile App but SmartThings Find is quite different. SmartThings is also capable of finding devices other than smartphones. For example, you can search Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds through it as well.

Now the question is how does SmartThings Find work? So let us tell you that this app is based on Low Energy Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband. If a device is offline for 30 minutes, it emits a low energy Bluetooth signal from which it receives and through this signal, the app discovers the device.

The surrounding Bluetooth device receives the signal emitted from the device. The special thing is that even after Bluetooth is not already paired, it works. Once you get the location of the phone, it tells you about the exact location of the phone using the fire reality on the maps. As you move closer to the phone, the map light changes. In such a situation, you can easily reach your phone, although this app is currently able to search only Samsung devices.

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