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Emi Jay and Djerf Avenue are making their first foray into retail with a joint pop-up shop in Los Angeles this weekend.

Both digitally native brands, the former known for its trendy claw clips and the latter founded by Swedish fashion influencer Matilda Djerf, are joining forces to host a three-day pop-up shop that offers pieces from their brands’ collaboration, as well as each brand’s bestselling products.

“Both of our brands are just super aligned,” said Julianne Goldmark, founder of Emi Jay. “We’re both obviously young female founders, we work with a predominately female-led team and we’re both just really aligned on making everyday essentials for all women of all backgrounds and budgets, and for all women at any stage of life. That’s something we’ve both bonded on and there are similarities between our customers’ style. They’re all looking for things that are cute and in style, but also classic and timeless items.”

Emi Jay and Djerf Avenue are offering their exclusive collaboration at the pop-up, which includes products like claw clips, headband, hair pins, dress, sweatshirt, tote bag and candle in a light blue and pink floral pattern. Emi Jay is also offering an array of its bestselling claw clips and hairbrushes, while Djerf Avenue is offering its bestselling Breezy Shirt and Shorts, its Forever Blazer and its Favorite Pants.

Emi Jay and Djerf Avenue Team on Los Angeles Pop Up

Pieces from the Emi Jay x Djerf Avenue collection.

“So many of our customers style our items together, so it just felt like a perfect fit,” Goldmark continued. “Anytime we’d ask our customers what they wanted to see from us, it was always a collaboration with Djerf Avenue or with Matilda, so it just felt like the right timing.”

The pop-up shop will also include activations like an ice cream truck, glitter tattoos and other experiences. For both digitally native brands, it was important to open the pop-up after they had experienced growth in their businesses.

“Both brands have grown so much during the pandemic,” Djerf said. “We haven’t really been able to meet our customers and I feel like both brands have that amazing community, like it’s very transparent communication with our customers, so I feel like it’s going to be so much fun to meet the customers in real life.”

While Emi Jay has been in business since 2009, the brand has experienced a rise in popularity in recent years thanks to the resurgence of Y2K-inspired trends, particularly with the claw clip. Emi Jay has teamed with brands like Frankies Bikinis, Summer Fridays, Juicy Couture and Sephora for recent collaborations and estimated year-over-year sales for the first quarter of 2022 would increase by 250 percent.

The brand recently expanded its hair accessories offerings in April, launching a collection of paddle hairbrushes, headbands, scrunchies and makeup clips.

Djerf, a Swedish model and influencer, launched her fashion brand two years ago, dropping small collections of trendy apparel that have instantly sold out. Djerf’s next move is to open a U.S. warehouse for her brand to keep up with demand from her U.S. customer base.

Ultimately, the two female founders said they are looking forward to the weekend pop-up in order to finally connect with their customer base in real life and further their community.

“The goal is also to connect our followers with each other,” Djerf said. “We have so many followers who have become fans just through the brands. It’s going to be really cool to see them hang out and connect.”

The Emi Jay x Djerf Avenue pop-up shop is located at 8128 West Third Street and will be open from Friday to Sunday.


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