List of the top 10, the most unpopular web sites rarely found on Google search

Hi, Friends Welcome to MasterjiTips. Everyone is aware of the most unpopular web sites – Google, Amazon, YouTube, and so on. But after the top 5, things can get a bit bizarre.

Ever pay attention to Or Lots of people have been using information from Quantcast, which makes it easy to see the top websites within the Internet-primarily based on thousands and thousands of customers that visit each website every month, we created a listing of a number of these unusually popular sites.

We picked out the pinnacle sites you’ve got by no means heard of, and for everyone as compared it to a huge call website you almost absolutely have heard of. Some are well worth taking a better examination, further, you would possibly just find your new preferred website.

List of the most unpopular web sites

1. City-Data.Com

City-Data.Com has records and demographics on a few of the state’s towns. About eleven. Five million specific site visitors test it out in keeping with month, that’s more than Netflix gets!. most unpopular web sites

2. Inbox.Com

Inbox.Com gives you 30GB of e-mail garage free of charge, which is a lot extra than Gmail offers you. 12 million human beings use it in line with the month, which is extra than UPS.Com receives. most unpopular web sites

3. ChaCha.Com

ChaCha.Com is a network-based totally query and solution web site that attracts 12 million humans in line with month, which is extra than the famous task website CareerBuilder.Com. most unpopular web sites

4. Evite.Com

Evite.Com helps you to create free e-playing cards. 12.Five million human beings use it in step with month, that is extra than the web sites of Best Buy and MTV.

5. Squidoo.Com

Squidoo.Com is full of critiques, recipes, gift ideas, and extra, all written by using actual human beings. 14.Five million human beings move there each month, that is more than outstanding warm sharing website Reddit.

6. MetroLyrics.Com

Apparently, MetroLyrics.Com is the region to go for tune lyrics. 14.5 million humans take a look at it out each month, that is extra than People.Com.

7. HubPages.Com

HubPages.Com is for “each day professionals,” and draws 15 million precise visitors per month. That’s extra than MySpace and Cnet.

8. Manta.Com

Manta.Com is a seek engine for businesses and employer profiles. It draws 23 million unique site visitors according to month, that’s extra than AT&T’s website receives.

9. Go.Com

Go.Com, a apparently Disney-owned seek engine, racks up 29 million unique visitors according to month. That’s greater than Pandora and Comcast.

10. Ask.Com

Ask.Com is apparently nonetheless very famous with some human beings. We have not used it for years, but Ask.Com remains amassing 53 million precise visitors in keeping with month! That’s greater than the New York Times and Yellow Pages’ websites combined!

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