Lisa Snowdon hits Shitterton to flush out opinions on poo from awkward Brits for Symprove


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13+ million people in the UK suffer from stomach and bowel issues, with more than half (54%) saying they feel too embarrassed to talk to family and friends about it. Symprove is aiming to reach people who have concerns about their gut health, and to inform IBS sufferers who feel wiped out that they are not alone and there are options out there.

Lisa Snowdon, having struggled with her own battles around bloating, incorporated Symprove into her daily routine many years ago, and doesn’t suffer from shame when it comes to bearing all. In the 60-second video Lisa blows asks all things gut related, from ‘do you know what shape your poo is?’ to ‘how many times a day do you poo?’. It’s clearly quite a private topic, as people dash into cars and the nearest shop to evade Lisa’s line of questioning – although people eventually begin to open up.

The work will launch on 8 June as part of a Symprove digital activation, with Lisa Snowdon using her social media to drive awareness to the campaign. 

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