Knee Boarding Tips For Beginners – Starting Deep Water

Being new to the sport of kneeboarding it is really hard to get started especially if you are a beginner. As an introduction to the sport ‘boat-toe’, a kneeboard is a great piece of equipment to practice. The low center of gravity often makes it easier to get up than on a water ski or wakeboard, which both require standing up.

Here are two ways to perform a knee start in deep water, the abdominal start and the low bounce start.

belly start

o The most common kneeboard start is the belly start or abdominal start. When doing this, you should keep your stomach on the board, with the strap facing forward and the nose of the board pointing up.

o The nose of the board should be out of the water. Place one hand on the edge of the board and the other hand grasping the rope and holding the other hand on the board.

o As the boat starts to move, pull your knees forward into the padded knee wells on the board. And while doing this, try not to lean forward and keep your weight back.

o When you feel balanced, let go of the rope with one hand, and with the other hand pull the strap up over your knees and tighten the strap where it feels secure. Keep your arms extended and slightly bent.

low bounce start

o A low buoyancy kneeboard is one that is very thin, and while you’re waiting in the water, it sinks slightly into the water when you put your body weight into it. This allows you to propel the boat forward to fasten yourself to the board before pulling it up.

o It’s easy if you adjust the strap to your preferred fit before getting in the water. This can be done on a swimming platform or on a flat spot in a boat. You simply simply get on the board and adjust the length to where it slides comfortably over your knees.

o Once the strap is adjusted, jump into the water with the board. Apply weight to the board while pressing down with your elbows, and place your hands on the board in the same position as described in Belly Start, pulling your knees over the board and under the strap.

This start requires less effort when the boat is pulling you out of the water and also requires a lot of balance before the boat can move. You need to balance yourself to keep the board from flipping over while you’re waiting to get out of the water. Balance in a knee board is best achieved by swinging your arms back and forth across the water as if you were walking in the water.

o You must remain in that position; Keep your balance by pointing the nose of the board slightly out of the water. As the boat starts to move forward, lean back and you should easily jump out of the water. This is the time to tighten the leash if needed. Keep your arms extended and slightly bent.

Source by Nicola Kennedy

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