‘KCR destroyed dream of Telangana’: Rahul Gandhi to Congress members in Hyderabad

Addressing the Congress members, Rahul Gandhi urged them to work together to overthrow CM KCR in the 2023 Assembly elections.

During his visit to the state, former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Saturday, May 7, urged party workers and leaders in Telangana to remain united and said that indiscipline will not be tolerated. Addressing Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee workers and leaders in Hyderabad, he said party tickets will be given only to those who work in the field, and will be finalised after taking views from the public.

“We want to hear from all of you but not through the media. We will hear your grievances within the party framework and if someone speaks out of turn and damages the party, it will not be condoned,” Gandhi told the workers. He appealed to the youth to join the Congress in defeating Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) who, he alleged, had “destroyed the dreams of the people of the state.”

“You saw the loot of Telangana at the hands of KCR who destroyed your future and the dream of Telangana. Only one family got the money that was meant for you.You did not get schools, colleges and universities. It is the responsibility of the Congress party to remove KCR and I invite the youth to join the Congress and bring this change,” Rahul Gandhi said. The former Congress chief said Sonia Gandhi saw the dream of the people of Telangana and gave it statehood even though the party was hurt electorally. “But we stood with your fight for truth. I want to fulfil your dream of Telangana and work with the people of the state,” Gandhi said.

He stressed party tickets will be given on merit only after an independent assessment is done. “Don’t make the mistake of sitting in Hyderabad or coming to Delhi. Work hard and reach out to people. It is the people who will give you tickets,” Gandhi said. He stressed that “unity is paramount and party workers should not take tickets for granted.”

The TRS is in power in Telangana, where elections are due in 2023.

Telangana PCC president Revanth Reddy welcomed Rahul Gandhi and told party workers to spread the message of the Congress and also of the Warangal declaration, on promises including loan waiver to farmers.

Gandhi earlier met NSUI leaders lodged in local jail. They were jailed for protesting against not granting permission to Gandhi for an interaction with students of Osmania University.

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