Kareena Kapoor in Hindi film Jab We Met

Jab We Met is a 2007 Hindi film. It is written and directed by Imtiaz Ali. The story is about a girl and a boy coming between a boy during a train journey. Jab We Met can stand out among the classics because of its theme, characterization, and plot. Meeting by coincidence changes the fate of both. When two strangers meet, a transition begins between them, unaware of the fact that this could lead to the next level of understanding. At one point this transition makes them feel that their frequencies are the same and that they are meant for each other.

The story begins at a railway station where a young desolate man, Aditya Kashyap (Shahid Kapoor), a successful businessman, boards a train without knowing the destination. In fact, he is in a devastated condition after the death of his father. Another cause of her distress was her mother’s hasty marriage with her lover; The biggest reason for his shame among his circle of friends. Aditya’s girlfriend’s infidelity adds flavor to his condition and he decides to run away from his life where a girl named Geet Kaur Dhillon (Kareena Kapoor) starts talking to him as a compartment mate to avoid boredom. She was a non-stop talking machine and when she saw that the boy was not paying any attention to her as he was not listening to the ticket checker. She pays for her ticket and starts talking again. He gets very irritated and decides to leave the train at an unknown station. Geet who is very worried about Aditya’s condition starts searching for him and tries to get him on board again. In an attempt to bring him back, his train also missed.

Geet blames Aditya for missing her train and becomes a liability to Aditya and reluctantly he starts the journey with her to drop her safely to her parents. As we all know the law of nature, when two strangers spend some time together they get acquainted with each other and some kind of affection develops. Geet shares her escape plan after reaching home. The important thing here is that his girl friend cheats on him but Geet is ready to do anything for her lover. At times the innocence, naturalness and the playful demeanor of Geet bring out the vibrancy of Aditya. He finds in himself a determination, hope for life and plans to change his attitude towards life. Finally they reach Geet’s house where they are welcomed and treated as lovers. However the situation gets resolved when Aditya introduces himself as a musician and Geet’s friend.

Later, on the same night as Aditya is quietly leaving the house, Geet comes out and elopes with him. So after this incident the whole family was convinced that they were lovers but the reality was something else. Aditya leaves Geet for Anshuman (Geet’s lover) and goes back to his business and life. Everyone in the office finds a new Aditya a transformed personality. He reaches the height of success by taking the song as his idol and presents his calling card in the market with the name of the song. Geet’s family sees her on TV and runs to meet Geet. Both sides were shocked as the song disappeared from the scene. Aditya gets upset and starts looking for her. To his ultimate surprise, he is in the same position as he himself after his betrayal by his lover. He starts counseling her and convinces her to take revenge on Anshuman. She yells at him and feels better but the story takes a turn when an embarrassed Anshuman asks her to marry him now. Aditya becomes happy and brings them back to the family. The story turns the tables upside down and Geet professes her love for Aditya. He gets immense happiness because he admires her a lot and loves her too.

No doubt the story is so convincing and engaging that I can’t stop myself to rewrite it. I enjoy while writing as I am watching the film once again. The story is excellent, the plot is foolproof and the characterization is the most powerful objective of this film. Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor are in full form and they perform so genuinely and naturally that the film becomes a hit. Kareena Kapoor is a talented artist And there are many such movies which make her actress profile very good. “Jab We Met” proves to be one of his finest works. The film offers complete entertainment without any intimate scenes and unlike the traditional love story.

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