It Would Cost a Family $2,300 to Attend the F1 Race

  • F1’s most anticipated race of the year is the inaugural Miami Grand Prix.
  • The race takes the glitz and glamour of the sport to another level and that comes with a cost.
  • Based on tickets, parking, and concessions, it would cost a family of four more than $2,300 to attend the race.

Formula One’s most anticipated race of the year is here with the inaugural Miami Grand Prix, and while the race was designed to take the sport’s glitz and glamour to a new level, that does come with a cost.

According to what we know about attendance prices and a tour of the track, we were able to estimate that the minimum cost for a family of four to attend the main race on Sunday would be $2,300. That would almost certainly climb much higher if the family spent all day at the track.

We used a modified version of the “Fan Cost Index,” which takes into account the typical costs of attending a sporting event. We assumed that fans would be at the race longer than the typical MLB, NBA, or NFL game.

Here is a breakdown of the costs.

  • Tickets — $2,000 ($500 per person). That is just to get inside. It goes up if you want seats and can go as high as $9,500 each if you want to watch from one of the boats in the marina.
  • Parking — $80. This goes up if you want to park within walking distance of the stadium.
  • Beers — $36 (Four 16-ounce domestic beers at $9.00 each for the parents). The most expensive drink we saw was $23 for a double-vodka and Red Bull.
  • Sodas — $18 (Four Pepsi products at $4.50 each). There were free water stations, but be prepared to wait in line for a long time.
  • Hot dogs — $20 (Two at $10 each)
  • Burgers — $32 (Two at $16 each)
  • Hats — $112 (Two at $56 each)

That is a total of $2,298, and it is easy to see where that could quickly climb. Of course, that is also just one day. There are three days of racing activity at the track, although general admission ticket prices are lower on Friday ($300 each) and Saturday ($400 each).

Below you can take a look at some of the concession stand prices that we witnessed.

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