International Politics on Coronavirus

It has become clear that first case of corona was seen on 17 November 2019 in China. The world was almost unaware about happenings in China for about one and a half months. During this period people were travelling between China and other countries. Slowly the world started getting aware of the happenings in China. The world health organization praised China. The salary of head of World Health Organization depends on China to a great extent. The news which comes out of China is censored.

The Prezident of China has said that corona has been eliminated from Wuhan. According to a report which may be censored, it is said that people are celebrating in Wuhan by eating animals such as rabbit, bat and snake. The condition of America and many European nations is very bad. The condition in India is not out of control till now. The question arises whether China was making a biological weapon.

China has used social media to spread that corona virus spread from the American soldiers who went to Wuhan for attending the world military games. One retired general of Chinese has said that a new kind of biological war is coming due to which biological defence force is needed. In second world war, Japan used biological weapons on Chinese soldiers in Manchuria. After this bitter incident, China had started to work on making biological weapon.

The advancements made after that are not known to the public. The world only knows that there is a biological laboratory in Wuhan. Both positive and destructive work can be done in such laboratories. Nearly 50 years ago ,an international agreement was made to ban biological weapons in which both China and America agreed to not make biological weapons. According to a report America was working in a laboratory in Lahore make dangerous disease spreading mosquitoes. During those time ,Pakistan was under full influence of America.

America has appealed international community to investigate the events of Wuhan. It has been seen that both America and China do not care much about international laws. Both these nations are engaged in putting there interests forward instead of making immense efforts to fight corona . Infection and death due to corona could not stop America from testing of nuclear missile. North Korea and Pakistan have also tested new missiles. Both these countries have received missile technology from China.

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