India can show the way to reduce Corona

World Health organisation praised India for eradicating dangerous diseases like malaria and polio. The working head of world health organisation said that India has immense potential to control the spread of corona because it has the experience of eradicating chicken pox and polio. Ryan, the working head of world health organisation said that India gave a gift to the world by eliminating chicken pox and polio at the level of government. It is necessary that India leads the world by showing what can be done .

The experts of foreign policy believe that the statement of Ryan has strengthened the image of India worldwide. Corona virus has created terror in the minds of people of America, Italy and Spain. In these countries, Corona has taken lives of thousands of people.These countries are not able to find good solution to the problem of Corona.

Corona started in Wuhan of China. Later on the virus spread silently to other countries of the world. China used its intelligence agencies to fight against the spread of covid-19. China used lockdown to isolate Wuhan so that the virus does not spread in other cities. According to sources China did not had any good treatment of corona except directing people to stay in their house. People were not allowed to come in contact with each other to reduce the spread of virus.

The fight against the corona virus lies in the hands of people . They must wash their hands often and stay inside thier house. There is more probability of getting infected by corona virus if a person steps out of his home.

World Health Organisation has said that America can become the biggest centre of deaths due to corona . It is surprising that attitude of America has been criticized by the World Health Organization.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation two times in a week and did video conferencing with the SAARC nations. Modi cleverly isolated Pakistan who is raising the Kashmir issue instead of taking steps to reduce the spread of virus. Modi is being praised for bringing the SAARC nations together to fight against corona.

People should stay away from rumours and follow the directions of state and central governments. The immunity power of Indian people is comparatively higher so it is estimated that India’s attempt to control the community spread of corona can become successful.

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