Thoughts on live cricket score, India news, India railway, India govt jobs, and more for India by 2020 plus views on India 2020 visions

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Following are the thoughts on events or changes that would take place in India by 2020.

A must-read India 2020 news

At Chennai 4 water bodies, 5 wetlands, 3 rivers, and 6 forests have fully dried in spite of having proper rain and resources of water compared to other metro cities. And approximately 21 cities of India including Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Bengaluru are expected to run out of the groundwater at 2020 according to NITI Ayog, and it could affect around a 100 million people or more.

And this situation is indeed alarming to the people of India since few days are remaining for India 2020. Furthermore, by 2030 approximately 40% of people in India may not get drinking water. There are rumours that state that ocean water or desalination may not be the right approach for this issue. But, harvesting the pure water or reservation of pure water is better and effective solution to this problem.

So, it is indeed the responsibility of government of India along with people of India to conserve and save water to overcome the upcoming water crisis for Further it is advised not to grow sugarcane in drought areas of India,
because sugarcane drains plenty of groundwater.

Predictions that may be better than live cricket score for India 2020

The Indian Premier League or IPL popularity have increased a lot after it was introduced on 2007 by Lalit Modi the chairman of BCCI. And at present IPL is the most popular and most watched cricket league known in world. Further, IPL ranks 6 th in all sports leagues.

IPL does more than just entertaining its audience all over the country, since it is said that IPL contributes to Gross Domestic Product of India. Thus, IPL is beyond a sports league. Now, the finals of IPL 2020 is expected to be held by May 2020.

And it can be predicted that Mumbai Indians or Royal Challengers Bangalore or Chennai Super Kings may be the final winner of IPL 2020 and take the championship cup on May 2020 or June 2020. Because, Mumbai Indians were winners of last year IPL match, also they showcased better performance in their IPL history they could win IPL 2020. According to astrological rumours and excellent performance shown by Royal Challengers Bangalore they also may win IPL 2020. Chennai Super Kings have never won below 3 rd in IPL history they may also win IPL 2020.

Before applying for these 5 India govt jobs for India 2020 know their salary estimate

Many people prefer government jobs in India for its various advantages like allowance, incentives, and more. And in this post you could know about salary of 5 selected government jobs that are available for 2020, that could be helpful for you before you waste your energy and time on these government jobs on 2020.

1) Government job for the Indian Air Force as airman and stipend is 14,600 rupees per month during training and last date for applying to the job is 20 Jan 2020.
2) Staff Section Commission of Indian government is holding Combined Higher Secondary Level examination to select employees for different government offices in India. The Salary starts from 19,900 rupees and last date for applying to the job is 10 Jan 2020.
3) Delhi Development Authority is recruiting employees for its office and salary is from approximately 31,000 rupees and last date for applying to the job is 31 Jan 2020.
4) India government’s Chenab Valley Power Projects is recruiting civil engineers as Trainee Engineer and salary is from 40,000 rupees and last date for applying to the job is 31 Jan 2020.
5) Electronics Corporation of India Limited is recruiting and stipend is 48,160 rupees and last date for applying to the job is 4 Jan 2020.

India online shopping or eCommerce updates for India 2020

For the upcoming year 2020 there is going to be a new eCommerce or online shopping site for India that may replace existing online shopping sites like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal and so on, by a completely new virtual mall experience where you could be free from meeting people in person, effects of nature, and much more.

Since, shops in the mall, trial rooms, and more would be virtually emulated by graphics just like in GTA 5 games, and from this facility customers could experience limited graphics made by the company and could easily stay away from meeting people in person, and this online shopping site is the digital mall of Asia that is rumoured to be released by 2020 for India.

India railway alerts for India 2020

Indian railway is used a lot by people of India for the enhanced speed of travel offered by Indian railways at an economical cost. But, by February 2020 the rate of the fare could increase from 8% to 10%.

The fare rates are rumoured to be hiked by 2020 because, according to the calculations of government have invested 1.08 INR for each or 1 INR income gained by fare charges and this is indeed a bad sign for Indian railway sector. Thus, government is planning hike fare charges for Indian railways by 2020.

Views on 2 India 2020 visions

Land, Forest and biodiversity vision
According to technological or artificial advancements in India so far, it is expected that natural land, forest and biodiversity of India may be negatively impacted by 2020.

Infrastructure vision
The infrastructural development could be the root cause for development of various charges hike by 2020.

List of India languages expected to be most widely used in India for 2020

According to advancements by Indian government, lifestyle and choices of people in India following could be the most widely used languages in India by 2020:

1) English
2) Hindi
3) Bengali
4) Telugu
5) Marathi

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