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If you’re one of the lucky ones on the planet who rarely has to think about your health because… well, because you’re “healthy,” you’ve probably never spent much time thinking about what you should be doing. Why has this happened? When suppressed for some reason, you may have attributed it to “strong constitution” or “good genes”. And you would be right!

But there are some of us who have faced health challenges, and are still looking for answers beyond the “basic four.” Nutrition, sleep, exercise, fresh air and sunlight, a simple health model that hasn’t worked for everyone. Why? Perhaps because the importance of a strong defense system was overlooked. Most of you have probably never heard of the “repair loop” nor would I have heard of it until I picked up a book by Robert Baker, MD, cross current. After years of scientific experiments on salamanders, which readily regrow tails, eyes and claws, Dr. Baker concluded that these lowly lizards had what he called “intact repair loops”. And not us as humans! Our bones are the exception, he said, because they repair quickly and easily, whether or not they are set properly.1

Dr. Baker’s question was, “What happened to the human repair loop?” With effortless research, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. Healthy people have a fully functioning repair loop and those experiencing any form of illness have a damaged repair loop. Because the body works with subtle electrical frequencies, a closed electrical Circuit or loop repair is important to complete the process. This would be similar to flipping a light switch to close a gap in an electrical circuit to turn a light switch on.2

12-Part Repair Loop

If you are experiencing chronic health challenges, a part of the repair loop may have been damaged and therefore the body is unable to carry out the repair process. Intuitive research tells us that twelve parts are needed to complete the loop for the full cellular repair required for radical wellness. 2 This can be easily confirmed through kinesiology (muscle examination) or dosing.

1. Axial lines- These energetic lines connect the body’s bio-cellular activity to the higher energetic grid through the acupuncture-meridian system. When damaged, the flow of life force that feeds the cells is interrupted, causing the cells to gradually shut down. The result can be nonspecific diseases like multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, ALS/Lou Gerhig’s disease. The time factor for cell closure is usually between ten and forty years, with less renewal of what other cultures call “prana” or “chi”.4


2. Infinite Energy Field+ (IEF+)-Physical and vibrating at speeds beyond the velocity of light, this energy field may include more than the four energy bodies reported so far—perhaps infinite in number. 5 It has now been attributed to include at least four distinct “energy fields” as information templates for growth, development and repair of the physical body.6

3. Harmonic Electric System-Research has proven that electricity is vital to the health of the body and the life process that begins with healing. Chaotic electricity as it affects the harmonic electrical system is its destroyer.7

4. Brain Energy Shield (or Psychic Sheath)-What is to the brain what is the aura to the body. When damaged, the loss of this natural defense can result in thoughts and feelings that are not “Self”. The results can be depression, low self-esteem or inappropriate words and actions, “road rage”, post-partum depression, anorexia, schizophrenia and suicide, among other things.7

5. Immune System – Based on the thymus, a good immune system recognizes and destroys any and all invaders to the body. A diminished immune response appears early in a pattern of malaise or general failure to thrive.

6. Cellular Harmonics – The cellular circulatory system of “higher harmonic frequencies” allows cells to: send and receive information on the level of their welfare; start and stop repair system (Cellular Repair Response System / CRRS); Initiate the differentiation process, stimulate growth and regenerate “non-functioning” cells.9  This process relies on the presence of “structured water” (small clusters with a unique hexagon shape) that are shaped to penetrate the cell’s pores, balanced electrolytes (sodium-potassium) and the correct electrical frequencies of natural energy. rhythmic Electric as opposed to harmful man-made chaotic Lightning.10

7. Electrolyte Balance – With the proper balance of these essential minerals, the sodium-potassium pumping action is established to keep the body’s 75 trillion cells healthy through the influx of nutrients and the release of cellular waste.

8. pH of the body (acid/balanced) – The body was designed to continuously monitor and balance the acid/alkaline base of the human system, neutralizing any acidity while keeping it slightly alkaline for health and healing by moving sodium from the stomach lining and joints and calcium from the bones. Was designed to buffer right back to 7.2. – 7.4 alkalinity.

9. DNA Molecule – The blueprint for growth and repair is present in every cell at birth. genetic structural memory Incomplete cellular repair can occur when damaged.

10. Gland of regeneration – This small gland, located behind the liver, was discovered by Robert Detzler, a physician in the Pacific Northwest. Much of Detzler’s information comes through spontaneous research. The main role of this little-known gland is to maintain cellular strength and integrity and to aid in cell regeneration.1 1Fully functioning cells are in a continuous cycle of repair, whereas the breakdown mode is not the basis of disease.

11. Intent-to-good- generates an intention to survive or to regain one’s health positive feedback in cells, at all levels. The relation of body-mind-soul has amazing healing power. A lack of faith or a loss of hope can be the difference between a life of radiant health or illness, life or death. There is no such thing as a “false” hope.12

12. Luck – trumps all of the above.

The author and medical practitioner, Richard Gerber, suggests that all disease begins at the ether level or higher, leaching into the body during a state of compromised health. Energy intuitively has the ability to pick up on these frequencies of malfunction before they appear as disease in the body.

harmful factor

It’s quite possible that you already know how well your repair loop is working. If it’s not strong then why? Lifelong illness can ultimately be traced to four factors, namely trauma to the body, emotional trauma, toxins and chaotic electricity, any of which can damage or completely destroy the body’s wonderful defense system. . If the damage is caused lack of oxygen, water, or food, or extreme heat or cold It may be beyond repair. Even a healthy born baby, growing up in today’s world, can face the possibility of poor health and disease mainly due to repair loop damage.

o physical trauma Repair is another overlooked destructor of the loop, whether a . be because of Car accidents, falls or sports injuries, surgeries or dental procedures. Even though anesthesia renders someone oblivious, the body knows, and the repair loop enters the damage.

o emotional trauma Poisoning, when paired with lightning and body trauma may seem insignificant, although its effects are very real. Whether due to a death, a difficult divorce, the diagnosis of a serious illness, the loss of a job or a beloved pet, the result is often shattered feelings. Intense feelings of fear or abandonment, even in infancy, can indelibly affect well-being for a lifetime.

o toxins accumulate at the cellular level through inhalation, ingestion, injection and absorption Unless they reach “critical mass” and the repair loop is damaged, putting a ceiling on the system’s ability to self-repair.

To breathe-Paint, hair spray, cigarette smoke, household cleaners and bronchodilators There are only a few of the hundreds and hundreds of attacks on the human system every day. inhalation.

ingestion-Includes anything swallowed insecticide– Laden byproducts, chemical additives of “fake foods”, Sugar, medicines, wine and coffee to name but a few.


injection-that break through the skin. In this category we find Flu shots and botox treatments, insect stings, venomous snake bites or oleander bush scratches.

Absorbed-through the skin or mucous membranes. involve sunblockers, cosmetics, eye drops, hair dye, fake nails, tampons, perfume or aftershave, deodorants And

Some Mouthwash.And be sure to check the warning label on your Toothpaste.

Intuitive research tells us that man-made toxins are accumulated by the body in organs or systems as well as in cysts and tumors. On the other hand, if the damage results from “natural toxicity” (poisonous plants, insects, etc.), cells are able to read frequencies and respond by “turning on” the repair process (CRRS) by sending acidic cytokine hormones. at the site of injury. The resulting inflammation clears the venom and injured tissue as well as any germs to prevent infection.


o Chaotic Electric surrounds us with devices we already suspected as “dangerous” like us Cell phones, computers and TVs For the things we never considered capable of doing harm hair dryer and shaver. Electric blanket and waterbed All around us overnight we are plugged into an outlet with an “electrical field”. NS clock radio On your night stand, or in the “electric box” we drive – your car. Our modern society brings us chaotic electrical overload, the most devastating possibility in its ability to affect the body’s harmonic electrical system.

reversing the breakdown process

Once identified as repair loop damage, there are several natural remedies that can help reverse the condition, although the results are often minimal, even after years of dedicated work. It is reminiscent of a woman who had been using homeopathy for six years and when asked if she noticed any difference, she replied, “Not yet.” You know you’re not recovering if you don’t feel better after a reasonable amount of time. Again, feeling “better” is not the same as being “good”. How do you know the difference? If you stop using the products or medicine, do the symptoms return? It’s Only If You Have to Continue Your Diet to Feel “Better” Supporting your system, not improving it.

Now there is another option, “energy medicine” to clear the vibrations at the molecular level. And even better, cleansing can be accomplished quickly before heart pain, asthma attacks, anxiety or depression attacks, or arthritic clogged joints, or memory loss. This is called “preventive medicine.”

Since frequency formulas are water-based, they can be used for babies and even newborns. Imagine a disease free life. Scientists are saying that this is possible through deep cellular cleansing. Energy therapy is certainly a wave of the future, providing answers to some of the most pressing health issues in our society today.

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Source by Carol Keppler

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