If your smartphone starts to hang or slow, then make the phone superfast with these 5 tips

People usually change the phone when it starts to hang or slow down. The phone is an important part of our daily routine, in such a situation, if the phone starts getting hang or slow, then annoyance starts. At the same time, due to the epidemic, most people are doing work from home, and hang or slow down of the phone causes problems in the work. We are telling you about some such tips, by which you can increase its speed and you will also get some time to think before changing the phone.

Delete cache data if hang or slow down

First of all, know that whenever you do any work or task on the phone, it leaves some marks in the form of catch data, which sometimes reaches the ever-increasing GB and hang or slow down the phone by taking more space. Nowadays smartphones have settings from which they can be deleted. To clear Cache data – Go to Settings Storage Cache and tap on Catch Data.

If you use social media sites like Facebook, then prioritize the use of the light version of Facebook, this will not only save your data but will also cost less battery and the phone will not be slow.

Turn off background apps

There are many such apps on our phone, which we install immediately but are rarely used in the year. People’s phones are full of such apps. If possible, delete such apps. Your phone will save a lot of memory. Do not forget to close the apps after using them. You can see which apps are running in the background by going to Task Manager. These apps eat up the memory of the phone, which makes the phone hang or slow.

Close animations

Animations and transitions are good to watch, but they eat up a lot of memory. At the same time, if they are closed, processing time can also be saved along with processing power. To disable these animations, you can turn off Settings by clicking About Phone Tap Build number until you see a pop-up intimating that the developer options have been enabled Go back to the main settings page. In most phones, this scale is 1x, as this scale will be increased, for example by 10x it will be very slow on the phone. While turning this scale off, the phone’s speed will increase.

Turn off boltware or unused apps

Smartphones have many boltware, many of which are of no use to you. At the same time, people install many such apps on the phone, which are not of any use. At the same time, these apps also take up space on your phone. Many of these apps are like this, then keep running in the background and make the device hang or slow. If you do not want to uninstall them, you can also disable them.

Data Saver on Chrome

This is also a good way to prevent the phone from getting slow. We use Chrome for browsing on the phone. Catches of websites are collected during browsing, which reaches more than one GB due to long usage. But this can be fixed by optimizing Chrome. Performance can be increased by turning on data saver mode. For this, go to the settings of Chrome and you can turn it on by tapping on the Data Saver option.

Avoid Widget and Live Wallpapers

If you do not want to slow down your smartphone, then avoid using a widget and live wallpaper. Both these items use a lot of memory of the phone and it slows down the processing. With its use, the CPU is also loaded on the battery, which makes the device slow. It would be better to replace the static wallpaper with the phone wallpaper instead of the live wallpaper.

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