If you search on Google and don’t know these tips, you’re not smart

Searching on Google in today’s time is not a difficult task. But still it happens that your time is completely wasted in looking for something. There are many ways to search on Google, but it depends on what you are searching for on the platform. So today we will show you some special ways to help you search for more things on Google in a short time. Let us know about these method.

Use quote (”) 

For your information, tell us that most web pages are written in quotes. Using the quote, Google will show you the same page that contains the words of that line. It will be very easy to search in this way.

Use minus (-)

Users can delete unwanted web pages from their results using minus. Through this trick you will find the results of the search you want to get.
Find old news like this

If users want to search for old news on Google, they will have to enter the desired date with Google News archieve search. Then all the old news will come before you.

Search keywords in website

This method is for users who want to see when the website has used the word. For this they have to use ‘site:’. For example, users need to write pranab site:india.gov.in if they need the same page on the government site on which pranab word is written.

Use inurl

If you want to search for a URL with one text, you need to use inurl. Example: inurl:tesla

Compare anything through vs

Users can compare anything on Google through it. In addition, users will also be aware of the benefits and disadvantages associated with those things.

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