If you by mistake online money transfer to someone else’s account, how to get it back, know here

With the advent of digital in the country, the trend of online payment and online money transfer has increased a lot. Most people resort to this platform (online money transfer) to give money to their friends and family members, as it saves time. In the meantime, many times we make haste to make a payment or we make a mistake. In this case, the money is transferred to the wrong account. In today’s report, we will try to tell you that what should you do if you transfer money to a wrong account?

online money transfer

In the last several years, there have been incidents in which the online money transfer to the wrong account or fraud has been caused by someone online. Many such incidents have also come to light in which money has been blown out of the account by giving only missed calls. Such incidents are continuously increasing.

After this, the bank will check your given information whether your online money transfers to another account by mistake or if someone has withdrawn money incorrectly. After completion of the investigation, the bank will give you all your money, but for this, you will have to follow certain conditions.

To get the money back, you must first stop the ATM card number and Internet banking service. After this, file a complaint with the police. Then a copy of the FIR has to be submitted to the bank.

The bank will investigate the money withdrawn under the FIR. If there is some kind of fraud with you, you will get a full money back. But if you have accidentally deposited money in someone else’s account, the first task is to go to your bank and find out that you have transferred the money to a person’s account. After that, go to the bank of the account in which the money has been transferred.

You can get money if you give proof of money transfer by mistake. The first task for this is to inform the bank about it and give detailed information. According to the Reserve Bank, if the money is withdrawn without your permission. So you have to inform the bank about this incident within three days. This can save you money.

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