If you are not worried about low signal or call drop in mobile, then talk freely for free with this feature!

Call drop: Most people nowadays work from home due to the epidemic. The entire work has become dependent on the phone and WiFi network. In such a situation, the only means of communication is the phone. At the same time, many people are getting distraught with the problem of the network. They have to go to the open area outside to talk. If you are also troubled by this problem, then the facility of WiFi calling can help you

There will be no call drop

Two of the country’s largest private telecom service providers Jio and Airtel are offering WiFi calling services. The specialty of this service is that if there is a problem of mobile network in your house, building, or floor, then there will be no call drop or disconnect on receiving or dialing the call. At the end of last year, Airtel had provided unlimited and Wi-Fi calling facility to the consumers to get relief from network problems. At the same time, Reliance Jio also started voice-over Wi-Fi calling in all circles of the country.

What is this service

This facility of both the telecom companies is absolutely free and there are no separate charges. This feature can be activated in the latest premium smartphones. It can be activated only if you have a WiFi network at home. If you do not have a network in your mobile in the indoor area, then you can call through the WiFi network. For this, you must have a Wi-Fi calling capable handset and 4G SIM. The advantage of this is that you will get crystal clear voice, as well as no call drop.

Airtel’s Wi-Fi calling

The telecom company Airtel first introduced this service in December in Delhi and NCR circles. Along with this, the company has introduced this calling service in other cities besides Delhi-NCR. For this, you will have to activate by going to the settings of the phone. Settings for Android> Wi-Fi and Internet> SIM and network> SIM 1 or SIM 2> Turn on Wi-Fi Calling option and Settings for iPhone> Mobile Data> Primary SIM or eSIM> Wi-Fi Calling> Turn on Wi-Fi Calling option can be turned on. By going here, you can check your phone’s settings and compatibility … www.airtel.in/wifi-calling

Reliance Jio’s Wi-Fi calling

Users will be able to make Jio Wi-Fi calling from any Wi-Fi network. Regarding this service, Jio has said that users can choose any service between VoLTE and Wi-Fi during the call. This service of Jio supports more than 150 phones. Users will be able to activate this service easily by setting it. Activate for Android by going to Settings> SIM cards & Mobile Networks> Select Jio 4G SIM card> Wi-Fi Calling> Turn on Wi-Fi Calling and Settings for iPhone> Phone> Wi-Fi Calling> Turn on Wi-Fi Calling Can be done. You can check the settings and compatibility of your phone by going here for a call drop… www.jio.com/en-in/jio-wifi-calling

What is VoWiFi?

VoWiFi is also called Voice over Wi-Fi or Voice over IP VoIP. Through VoWiFi, home Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi hotspots can make calls. If you do not have a network in your mobile, then you can make comfortable calling on the phone at a nearby Wi-Fi or hotspot. At the same time, if you are roaming, you can talk for free through any Wi-Fi.

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