How to use your old WhatsApp account on a new phone

New phone to be shifted to relatively hassle-free has been made, but some things are often old tools, especially the text in the messages left behind are, if we withdraw them forget.

I have all the messages back to the solution so that you have them on your new phone taken. Given that the messaging app how much popular and its use is almost all people do, it is important to know that your old chat to your new device how to transfer.

WhatsApp chat not only in the important contact and information, but also media attachment also, which are for you on your new device to carry can be significant. Chat transfer to the easiest way that you them Google Cloud or iCloud backup on and then them on your new phone restore.

For Android devices

Your new phone in old to chat, to move you on your old phone WhatsApp open and the screen in the upper right corner on the three points at tap need to.

  • Go to Settings and then Settings Chats ’on click.
  • Thereafter Click Chat backup ’click on.

Here you can choose whether you to chat manually or automatically (weekly, monthly etc.) the backup you want to give.

Manually chatting back to WhatsApp Google Drive on a backup ready which will very moment. Next time when you have a backup if you want this whole thing again must. If you automatically choose to do, so WhatsApp your chat, the weekly or monthly backup will, as you have without some without, have chosen.

Now when you get your new phone on WhatsApp load if you do it you Google Drive from your old chat, and media to recover will inspire you.

It is advisable that you new phone on WhatsApp to start using your old chat on the phone backup. This way you precisely the same can pick up where you left off.

For IPhones

For IPhones WhatsApp chat on backing up the process just as easy.

  • Your Apple ID on the go and if you do not have iCloud turned on.
  • Now I open the settings and go.
  • ‘Chat’ and then click on ‘Chat backup’ click on. Here also you it manually to support or is it weekly or monthly to be can choose between. You this video in case to include or exclude the option to also get.

Now when you get your new device I get, then you can visit iCloud from the old chat restore to will be inspired.

Important note – If you iOS from Android are going on or vice versa, you have a new device your old chat restore won’t be able to because iOS has it Google Drive restore from and Android have the iCloud is not reaching.

If you Cloud on the chat don’t want to save so what do you do?

If you’re a Google Drive on your chat don’t want to save, then the backup chat to and restore them to another option.

  • A USB cable with your phone to your laptop / PC to connect.
  • In your device internal memory in the Oracle database on the go.
  • Backup files to find which saved the date display.
  • These files into your system copy.
  • When you get your new phone on WhatsApp if you receive recovered the file to your new smartphone to the database folder in your working copy. If no such folder, then you just can create one.
  • Now you have your phone on WhatsApp app can open, and it will show a notification in which is stated that a message backup was found.
  • ‘Restore’ on tap.

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