How to delete Google location history, auto-delete and manual option

You can access the Google Location History timeline from your account. You can access and delete your location history from here.

You can delete Google Location History yourself. You can delete Google Location History in two ways. You can set Google Location History to auto-delete mode.
Google has a track record of your activity. That thing is different than the company says that it tracks the activity only with the permission of the user, but it is also true that many users are unaware of how the company is tracking them.

However, recently we told you how you can go to Google account to see where you went, how much distance traveled, what was the mode of transport, and how much time was spent.

You can access it by going from the Google Maps timeline. To access your location history, you must first log in with your Gmail account.

On the timeline, you will find the tab at the bottom of the manager’s location history. You will go to another page by tapping here. On the Activity Control page, you will first get the option to disable location history enabled.

From here you can disable location history if you want. By doing this, you will not be able to access your location history.

Auto Delete – From here you can set the auto-delete feature for location history. Under this feature, you will see three options.

  • Auto delete activity older than 3 months
  • Auto delete activity older than 18 months
  • Don’t auto delete

From here you can select any one option. After setting the Auto-Delete feature, your location history will be deleted at an interval of every given month.

Permanent Delete

For this, enter in a web browser. The icon of the settings will appear on the right side bottom on the map. Click it, now you will see many options here.

From these options, you tap Delete All your location history. After this, you will be asked to confirm. After this you can delete history.

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