PAN card mistake online

PAN card mistake online

PAN card mistake online: All of you know how important the PAN card is for you. Whether to file income tax returns or to open a bank account, a PAN card is required everywhere. Apart from this, no financial transaction is possible without a PAN card. In this case, all the information given in the PAN card must be correct. Many times there is a mistake in the PAN card. Although you can easily correct any error on your card from home.

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First of all. Let us tell you that. If you want to bring a copy of the PAN card home by improving the PAN card online. Then for this, you will have to pay 106 rupees 90 paise. If you do not want a copy of the PAN card and use only a digital copy of it. Then you will not be charged a single penny here.

NSDL website

The first task is to go to the NSDL website by typing After this. first, go to the application type. And click on the last option Changes or Correction in the existing PAN Data / Reprint of the PAN Card.

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After this, give the information being asked and enter the captcha and click on the submit button. You will have to provide Aadhaar, passport, or other certificates as proof. After uploading the document you will be asked for payment.

The bank reference number and a transaction number will be available after payment. Save both of these and then click on Continue. After this. You have to fill a form in which you have to tell which PAN card mistake you want to rectify. After that, click on submit after correcting the required information.

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