how to boost our Immunity?

  1. In this article, we are going to overview Immunity, its types, how to boost your Immunity, and foods that increase immune response. We also will learn about various Yoga as an Immunity booster and Kadhas OR tea to increase Immunity

Immunity definition- a condition of being able to resist the invasion of pathogens and disease especially through preventing the development of a pathogenic microorganism and eradicating its effect on our body.

Types of Immunity

Active Immunity Passive Immunity
Natural Natural
Artificial Artificial

Active Immunity

It is the immune response of our body when an infection is detected by our body. It can be naturally acquired immunity or obtained from a Vaccine.

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It is produced via infection. The moment when your body is invaded with infection, Active immunity starts functioning immediately and produces antibodies for defending pathogens.


Here antibodies are made through vaccines and start defending and eventually kill Pathogens.

Passive Immunity

This type of Immunity is acquired from someone or something else. Newborns acquire Passive immunity through their mother. Mother transfers this immunity through Placenta


Antibodies are directly transferred from mother to baby directly through breast milk. You might have heard how important is breastfeeding in the initial days. This is the reason for it.


Pre-made antibodies are directly injected after getting an infection for an immediate response
E.g. Tetanus and Rabies.

Note: Active immunity results in long-term immunity but passive immunity will not as there is presence or absence of memory cells.

Types of foods to Increase immunity (Boost our Immunity)

Citrus fruits

Our body does not produce vitamin C daily, nor it stores it. To keep your Immunity full-fledged you have to consume 70 – 90 mg of vitamin C daily.

Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is even a great source of antioxidants. It contains an antioxidant called Theobromine. This antioxidant help building immune
system by exposing body cells from free radicals.

It is widely used in many types of dishes. Indians use it with love to add flavor and texture to the cuisines. Using garlic in your daily foods bestows your body with antibacterial and antifungal properties to fight viruses and micro-organisms.

Turmeric has many scientifically proven health- benefits. It prevents you from Alzheimer’s, heart, and cancer likes disease. It is a strong anti-oxidant and good anti-inflammatory agent. The main reason to consume turmeric is because of the curcumin present in it.

Green tea
Recently it was in great demand to lose weight and stay fit. It lowers your brain’s aging speed. It contains Antioxidants to lower the risk of cancer and help in building immunity.

Ginger helps in keeping your immune response healthy. ginger contains gingerol. A potent anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. It helps in calming down your sore throat.

Kiwifruit and Oranges
Every orange contains enough amount of vitamin C to Make your day sound and energetic. Eating kiwi fruit makes you less susceptible to cold and flu. So a very great source to add to your daily routine.

Who doesn’t love this mouth-watering melon fruit? It’s all refreshing and with plenty of antioxidants. There are plenty of benefits of watermelon. It’s good for your eyes, keeps your kidney healthy, and hydrates your body. It consists of glutathione which helps to strengthen your immune response and helps in fighting infection.

It is high in Potassium which is good for your heart. It helps in regulating blood pressure. Plus it contains antioxidants called flavonoids that decrease the risk of heart disease and is good for your body.

It is refreshing and plenty of vitamin D which increase defense against microorganism and boosts your immune system. Yogurt contains so-called “good bacteria” which helps indigestion. It is also found that yogurt prevents osteoporosis and even benefit you from weight management.


So far we are aware of the food items that boost our Immunity. Now let’s prepare to strengthen our body’s defense internally by Yoga.

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Yoga to boost our Immunity

  1. Vajrasana
    This is a basic type of Asana but only if you don’t have any issues with your knees. Practice this Asana for 1 minute each in a set of 3.

    How to do:
    Sit on your folded Knees, spread your heels apart and sit upright by opening up your heels’ backside. Place your palms with straight arms on your knees. Keep your back straight. Inhale and exhale slowly.

  2. Paschimottasana
    This Asana is directly benefiting your spleen and about 30-40 lymph nodes. You can begin this Asana in 5-10 seconds. Later you can increase the time eventually.

    How to do:
    Extend your legs forward by keeping your back straight. Pull your abdomen inside. Hold your toes with your fingers. Take a deep breath, bring your head down and hold for 5-10 seconds. Again come back in your original position by straightening your back.

  3. Padahastasana
    This is very effective and very important for your body to boost Immunity. Your body will become flexible with this. Do this in a set of 3 for 5-10 seconds each and gradually increase the time when you get comfortable with it.

    How to do: Keep your arms beside your body. Look straight Slowly raise your arms to form Utthanasana (raise your arms up). Exhale, pull your stomach inside and then take your Palms towards the ground. Try to keep your palms flat beside your feet. Keep the nose parallel to your legs.

    Prepare yourself for combat for immunity boost with a triple war of Kadha. Kadha is the extract of various ayurvedic spices which contain natural ingredients which fight bacteria, inflammation and soothes your sore throat if any. Kadha is basically traditionally Indian tea that is effective against seasonal flu, cough, and cold and many health benefits. Relax you can make this at your home for yourself.
    1. Ginger Turmeric Tea
    (Adrak) Ginger- 2 inch
    Cloves-Half tsp
    A small amount of Cinnamon
    Cardamom- 5 pieces
    Pepper- 1 tsp


    Crush all these ingredients with mortar and pestle. Make a rough paste. Boil with half a liter of water by adding Turmeric and Jaggery for taste. Boil for 5 minutes and filter out your Kadha, and it’s ready to serve by adding few drops of lemon.

    Similarly, we can make another Kadha with a little different recipe.

    2. Ginger Tulsi Tea
    Ginger- 1 inch
    Bay leaf
    Cloves-Half tsp
    Few leaves of Tulsi
    Cinnamon- 1 inch
    Cardamom- 2-3 pods
    Pepper- 1 tsp

    Boil it in half a litre of water and filter. Your Kadha is ready to serve.


Immunity is the key to stay fit in this Pandemic. So do follow this measures and make yourself fit.

“Eat Healthy Stay fit !”

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