How Real Life in Notting Hill Compares to Film Expectations

“Love Actually” also makes it seem realistic that a young couple could afford to live in a Notting Hill mews that costs millions of dollars.

A straight shot of St. Lukes Mews with the famous pink house from Love Actually on the right and other colorful homes beside it.

St. Lukes Mews in Notting Hill.

Maria Noyen/Insider

Keira Knightley may have been 18 when she starred in “Love Actually,” but I think it’s safe to assume her character was supposed in her mid-twenties.

Even back in 2003, when the film was released, the idea that a newly-married couple in their mid-twenties could afford to live alone in this part of Notting Hill was a bit of a stretch. The last time the house was on the market was 2007, when it sold for over £1 million, or $1.2 million, and its current valuation is more than double at £2.66 million, or $3.25 million, according to The Move Market. 

Like a lot of neighborhoods in London, Notting Hill has experienced its fair share of gentrification, which means living here is costly. Across the area, house prices are up 4% from the previous year, with a staggering overall average price of £1.95 million, or $2.38 million, online real estate company Rightmove reports. 

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