How can online mahjong help us understand the news?

CNN isn’t the first place when looking for a popular browser-based game, yet a new cluster of game links has invaded’s index page. CNN has joined several popular mainstream web sites and is now offering free, time-consuming, mind-absorbing, browser-based games. CNN has dedicated an entire page for its readers to take a break from reading the news and dive into titles like Mahjong Dimensions, Monkey Gem and Pegland. Like Facebook and Google (Google+), players can register, log their scores, and participate in the game-playing community. Will this be a successful move for Is this a good use of bandwidth for the news giant?

A large part of the cyber world has always revolved around free game play. Even before browsers arrived, Dungeons and Dragons aficionados trolled Telnet spheres and played together via text. With each new plug-in (such as Flash, Java, etc.), developers and web site makers find ways to top the previous generation of games; A good example is the hugely popular Google Pacman which destroyed many working hours. It was built using the latest HTML, and brought the world a high quality web version of the game with a short download time.

Until recently, games were contained within their own realm of the web, and giant game publishing sites such as Pogo, Miniclip, and AddictingGames grew in popularity. Larger, non-game-related sites took notice, and as technology grew and it became easier to create multi-player communities, they began publishing games as well. Publishing games for Facebook was not a distant thing. Will it work for CNN?

How does adding a game page to affect CNN’s overall branding? In the past, sites like have used video games as a tool designed to communicate marketing messages to their audiences. For example, CNN uses news quizzes on its site to test readers on information they can find in their articles. This use of games reinforces the existing product and enhances the overall user experience. With the addition of a new game page, how will a quick game of Mahjong help understand the results of the Iowa caucuses?

The move to have games on the news site could be part of a larger media strategy. CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting which is owned by Time Warner. Ultimately, all the websites managed by these empires serve as marketing channels. The implementation of diverse web site entertainment is most likely a major strategy for getting users to surf through the websites of the Time Warner Network and its partners.

Game publishing sites have always been easy to start as developers are eager to spread their products on the World Wide Web. In addition to large media companies, independent webmasters across the web have started their own sites, compiling their own collections. browser-based game. The CNN Games page can be accessed click here.

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