Heavy Rainfall In Bengaluru Unleashes A Flood Of Memes On Twitter

Heavy Rainfall In Bengaluru Unleashes A Flood Of Memes On Twitter

It is raining in Bengaluru. The streets are waterlogged. The weather department has issued an “orange” alert in many parts predicting heavy rain for the next 4-5 days. Visuals of waterlogged streets are making rounds on the Internet. Of course, the news has given room to a meme fest on Twitter. 

People, without wasting any time, have made a bee-line to the micro-blogging platform to show their creative side. 

Users, who are dealing with the unbearable heat in the Nothern region, were among the first to express their state of mind. 

Another wanted everyone to look at the Summer sky in Bengaluru. “This is how Summers look like,” he wrote. 

A person referred to Ali Fazal’s character from the hit web series Mirzapur to show how people in the North must be feeling now. “North Indians, getting roasted in the heatwave, seeing Bangalore people talking about rain,” it read.

A user has shared a picture of his room with washed clothes spread on the floor for drying. Relatable? 

“A tale of two cities”, wrote another along with a screengrab featuring the weather forecast of Delhi and Bengaluru. 

A few made fun of the drastic change in Bengaluru’s weather.

In the middle of all this, a user “spotted an island”.

A few came us with a quiz content. Yes, you read it right. The question is “count the number of bikes.”

Now, it’s time to take a look at “Bengaluru falls”. 

“Bangalore: A city where you should not forget your umbrella at home, even in summers. PS: Umbrellas won’t be of much use anyway,” read one of the comments.

Meanwhile, two labourers from Ullal upanagar have died due to the heavy rain and thunderstorm. “The dead have been identified as Devbharath from Bihar and Ankit Kumar from Uttar Pradesh. Around 5 pm yesterday, the rain intensified. The labourers were at the site, and around 7 pm the water levels rose. We are assessing the safety measures taken on a daily basis there,” a police official told NDTV.

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