What guests are secretly looking for in your wedding?

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Your wedding is all about you uniting with your loved one for the rest of your lives. It’s a beautiful occasion to celebrate but there are a few small things your guests always wanted but never told you about them.

So, let us discuss some secret things your guests want on your wedding and make sure you keep them in mind when you’re planning for the big day.

1. Heart-to-heart Toasts: We know how people prepare their speeches and also rehearse it multiple times before making a toast on the day. But a heart-to-heart toast is something everyone would enjoy. It is hilarious, unexpected, and instantly lightens up the mood.

2. Dance Fever: Every guest at your wedding is in a mood to dance but not everyone has the same taste in music. When you prepare a list of the songs to be played at the wedding, it’s important to keep everyone’s preference in mind. Let someone show their moves on the latest songs while someone grooves to the classics.

3. Sitting Arrangements: Try to seat your guests next to the people they know and are comfortable with, so they don’t feel awkward and get to enjoy the day.

4. Game plan: Kids become difficult to manage at a place where they meet more kids. Your guests will enjoy less and waste more time looking around for their kids. The better way is to gather all the kids at one place and engage them into some pre-planned activities or games. However, make sure you ask an adult to keep a watch on kids all the time. This will relax the parents and help them have a good time.

5. Talk to them: Your guests are here to congratulate and celebrate your big day with you. It makes them feel weird if they don’t get to interact with you even once. How about you walk from table to table and introduce them to your better half? This will make them feel more accepted and important and that’s exactly how they should feel.

While preparing for the big day, it is nice how you’re paying attention to the needs of your guests. But don’t forget that you’re as important as them. So, let this day be equally fun, enjoyable and memorable for you two too.

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