Google's 5 Fun Tricks Only Experts Know

Google’s 5 Fun Tricks Only Experts Know

By the way, most of you use Google, but if we ask you how many tricks of Google you know, then maybe your answer is no. In today’s report, we will tell you about five such tricks of Google about which very few people know and which are not less than any expert. Let us also know

Barrel Roll

First, open Google on your phone or laptop and then search by typing barrel roll. After this, your screen will rotate completely 360 degrees. If you search after typing 2 after barrel roll, the screen will rotate twice.


As soon as you search by typing tilt in Google, you will get many results. Now you have to click on the first link. As soon as you click on the link, the screen of your phone will become slightly curved.


Searching Festivus in Google will show along the aluminum pole on the left side of the screen of your laptop or phone, which is not commonly seen on Google.

Zerg Rush When searching for Zerg Rush in

Google, rings of many colors on the screen will fall from top to bottom simultaneously, and gradually whatever is written on your screen will be deleted, although you don’t have to worry because there will be no effect on your phone.

How was Google in a particular year?

If you want to know what Google looked like in a particular year, you can do some search in Google this way. Google in 1998.

Google’s 5 Fun Tricks Only Experts Know Google’s 5 Fun Tricks Only Experts Know

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