Ghajini Hindi Vs Ghajini Tamil

Tamil Ghajini released in 2005 was a massive success. The protagonist, Suriya established his presence in the Tamil (and South Indian) film industry. But the hype that Aamir Khan’s Ghajini is facing before the release and even in its initial days is nothing compared to the hype that Aamir Khan’s Ghajini is facing. A week before its release, Ghajini was everywhere – from hair cuts to Asin, anyone and anything related to Ghajini came under media scrutiny. So definitely, the hype factor is in favor of Hindi film. After all, the combination of Aamir and Arrahman has always generated interest in the film going public.

Surya did a wonderful job of making a rich man fall in love with a bumbling middle class girl. And he also did well in the “short-term memory loss” patient role. But his performance is nothing compared to what one of India’s best actors Aamir Khan has done in the film. He has lived the role and performed both the phases of the character’s life completely and with perfection that only an actor like Aamir Khan can do. Suriya is no pushover, but Amir’s experience comes to his aid. Ghajini Hindi Score again.

Talking about Leading Lady Asin, she has done a great job in both the versions. But her performance in the Tamil version was better and maybe acting with someone like Aamir has taken off a bit. A fine performance and a great introduction to Bollywood, nonetheless. Jiah Khan has played her role quite well and is better than Nayanthara who played that role in Tamil. But it has to be said that both of these women were lacking in the films and the character was also somewhat limited and flawed, to be fair.

When it comes to songs, music, of course, Arrahman outshines his former assistant Harris Jayaraj. BGM in Hindi film is harsh at times and I daresay Harris Jayaraj has scored higher than ARR in this aspect. The portrayal of the songs in the Tamil version was superb and the Bekha and Gujrish songs can’t really match with the Tamil version’s Oru Malai and Suttam Vizhi. Asin intro song in Hindi film is better, but overall, Tamil film wins when it comes to filming.

Talking about direction, Murugadoss has once again proved his mettle. The remake has minor changes from Tamil, but the climax, which was pathetic in the Tamil version, has been changed and is much better. And the name Ghajini has now been added to the story (I don’t want to spoil it here), whereas Tamil didn’t have one.

Well, Aamir has done a better job, but what about his chemistry with Asin. The chemistry between the two is amazing. It has to be seen to be believed. But, the chemistry between Suriya and Asin was even better and this was one of the major reasons for the film to become a hit. The on-screen pairing was so natural, that’s why the Surya-Asin pair scores more than the Aamir-Asin pair.

There were huge flaws in Ghajini Tamil in the climax and thankfully they have been dealt with in the Hindi movie. The climax is now in line with the story and falls into the realm of acceptable logic.

Decision? Both the movies are beautiful too Stevens and maybe Ghajini Hindi wins by a small margin. Two good movies, which could have been better. Yes, both are based on the Hollywood movie Memento, but Ghajini is well made for the Indian audience.

Source by Manoj Mahalingam

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