Super People is a brand-new battle royale game with a twist, where each super-soldier has their own class type and array of specialised abilities with which to take out their opponents. Rather than starting with nothing and building from there, your character will already have remarkable strengths (and a few weaknesses) by the time they drop into the map.

Each has their own special move that can be activated at the peak of their strength, meaning a game can turn in seconds. As such, choosing your class type is a highly important decision that could be the difference between a crushing loss and a victorious win.

We’ve put together a quick guide for each class type, laying out their main perks and ultimate skill to help you understand the tools at your disposal. You don’t get to choose which class you play as in each game – that’s randomly decided for you at the start of every match – but with an understanding of each class, the gameplay becomes more strategic and enjoyable.

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Gatling Soldier

This is your heavy weapons expert of choice, carrying some impressive equipment and packing a serious punch. Their main perks include Bullet Tracer, Dodge Roll, and Tactical Slide, making this class nimble on its feet, and perfect for anyone who may struggle with bullet-dodging. The Gatling Soldier starts as a class that focuses on attack power, but as the game goes on and players level up, they can become equally skilled in both attack and defence.

Their ultimate skill is Spitfire, with which they are able to unleash an unstoppable torrent of bullets onto anyone that stands in their way.

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Shotgun Master

The Shotgun Master is here to hunt, and is able to startle enemies into showing themselves with their skills Knockback, Super Jump, and Upgraded Flashbang. This class is quick and reactive, able to jump further than anyone else, and a natural behind most weapons. Super Jump, in particular, is an ability that can easily overcome positional disadvantages and can be used strategically to pull off amazing plays.

Their ultimate skill is Tank Shotgun, with which they can do an incredible amount of damage with just one shot.

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Strike Force

Using enhanced technology, this class is able to defend and attack with lethal efficiency. Their skills include Bulletproof Shield, Air Walk, and Lacerating Rounds, meaning they take their own armour very seriously but have little time for anyone else’s. It’s a class with an outstanding ability to respond to sudden skirmishes.

Their ultimate skill is Dash, which can be used to excel in sudden and aggressive combat situations by quickly shortening the distance between the player and the enemy, using it as an evasive maneuver, and confusing the player’s position from the enemy.

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The Sniper is a force to be reckoned with. Hiding behind multiple magnification lenses, they are able to take out even the toughest enemy without even being spotted. Their main perks include Steady Shot, Precision Bomb, Amplifier, and Booby Trap, emphasising their natural ability to wreak havok when no one is watching. The Sniper class in Super People is not just a camper that hides and snipes, but can play a more threatening and active striker role through the use of the bombardment skill.

The Sniper’s ultimate skill, Deadeye, is a powerful single shot attack that can easily break the enemy’s defense to cause fatal damage. Unlike the ultimate skills of other classes, Deadeye’s much shorter cooldown acts constantly as an intimidating presence.

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Able to see things others can’t, the Seeker can detect enemy movement quickly enough to put themselves at a considerable advantage. Using their main perks – Molotov Traps, Projectile Tracking, and Hostiles Detected – the Seeker is able to locate their target before they’ve even arrived.

Their ultimate skill is Quick Slide, which allows them to cover ground quickly using an unexpected manoeuvre that catches opponents off guard.

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Gas Soldier

As the name suggests, this class likes to use toxic weaponry to take out their opponents. They can add poison damage to smoke screens for enemies while adding a healing effect for  themselves, as well as upgrading molotovs to increase their power. The Gas Soldier also gets bonus attack power from certain terrain, like trees, rocks, cliffs, and while indoors.

Their ultimate skill is Fireball, which deals damage in a wide area and penetrates all surfaces, making this a great class to really mess up the days of your enemies in one fell swoop.

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The Marine is already hardened to warfare and is able to use that to their advantage, gaining attack power and speed while in water. They can even use their Water Ghillie to blend into bodies of water and hide from enemies. On top of that, their Camaraderie skill makes healing allies faster and increases their defense, so this is a great class when playing in a squad.

Their ultimate skill is Fog Of War, which renders opponents’ vision distorted by a swirling mist, allowing them to blast through it and take them out discreetly.

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The Teleporter is able to use their skills to finesse their attack style from afar or ambush enemies from unexpected angles, rather than running into battle headfirst. Their main perks are One Shot One Kill, Tomahawk, Field Medic, and Quick Fix, making them a useful squad member who can heal others and keep a steady hand when aiming.

Their ultimate skill is Teleport, which does exactly what you think it does. Its versatility is limited only by your imagination: rapidly change position as you ambush enemies, leading them to think the attack is coming from one direction only to expose their backs to another, or simply ease your escape as you evade their own assault. It’s an extremely welcome perk especially in the late game, where every moment counts.

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The SWAT is able to barge their way into any fight and take out other parties with ease, especially when near fences or indoors, where they receive a boost to their attack power. Using their main perks Breach Door, Advanced Grenade, and Improved Parkour, there are few buildings they can’t access.

The SWAT’s ultimate skill is Blackout, which shuts down every enemy’s vision within a certain range and boosts his movement speed to rush in and take down some opponents before they have a chance to respond.

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Firearms Expert

A straightforward choice, but one that seldom lets you down. The Firearms Expert’s main perks are Cover Fire, Quick Aim, and Bullet Tracer, making this class a fine choice for those already familiar with FPS mechanics. They also take hugely reduced damage from headshots, so you don’t have to worry about getting picked off by snipers.

Their ultimate skill is Forcefield, which slows down any opponents foolish enough to be inside it, leaving them wide open to be gunned down.

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A fierce enemy by anyone’s standards, the Nuclear class has complete control over an arsenal of nuclear equipment, and is able to deal huge damage to large areas at one time. Their main perks include Fire Wall and Weaving, and being able to whip out an RPG to blow up enemies with.

With an ultimate skill called Tactical Nuke, which renders basically all nearby cover useless and deals massive damage, this class is definitely one to watch out for.

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An invaluable presence to any squad, the Driver’s skills include Smart Key, Nitro, and Tactical Vehicle Dismount – but with the ability to summon cars at will, they’re pretty well equipped to dodge the larger firefights. Plus, when behind the wheel, the Driver gets bonus attack power, defense, and accuracy, as well as being able to make it leap into the air or blow it up remotely.

This class’s ultimate skill is Monster Truck, in which a huge SUV with massive durability can drop out of nowhere, offering a quick escape when the heat gets too much.

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No matter which class you’re given in Super People, you’ll have plenty of chances to surprise and destroy your competition with a range of over-the-top powers and highly-effective weaponry. Super People’s Closed Beta Test is available now, so download it from Steam today and test your own powers in this fast-paced, supercharged battle royale – it’s like nothing you’ll have played before.

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