From where you are sending Gmail, know from IP address to location

From where you are sending Gmail, know from IP address to location

We hope that if you are reading this news then you must be using e-mail or g-mail. Many e-mails come to us about which we are not aware. In such a situation, we wonder where this mail came from. If you too have a person sending e-mail frequently and you want to know about his IP address to a location. Then this news is for you. In this report, we will tell you about the ways through which you will find the location of any e-mail.

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First of all, let us tell you that you have 3 ways to know the location of the e-mail sender. The first of these is to track the IP address, the second is by searching the email ID, the third with the help of Facebook. So let’s first track the IP address.

Open the e-mail that you want to locate the location and click the button next to the time on the right side and then click on SHOW ORIGINAL. Now a new tab will open and you will know the IP address.

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Now copy the IP address and go to Wolfram Alpha and search the IP address. Here you will know the location and if there is a company then the name of the company. Learn another way in the next slide.

The second is to search email ID. So first go to the ‘pipl’ and ‘Spokio’ websites and search for the e-mail IDs that are coming from their search bar. Here you will find many details along with the location of the sender.

Now the third and last way is Facebook. If someone is emailing you, then copy their email id and go to the search bar of Facebook and search it. If that user has created Facebook ID with the same email ID, then you can easily know everything about that person.

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