Fox News leaks 13 million internal records

Researchers have claimed that a misconfiguration has exposed millions of internal records, including employees’ personally identifiable information, belonging to Fox News.

The exposure was discovered by a team at Website Planet led by Jeremiah Fowler, who claimed that theoretically, anyone with an internet connection could have found the 58GB of internal records, which was left open with no password protection.

The data trove contained almost 13 million records of content management data, including an unspecified number of employee details.

“Upon further research nearly all records contained information indicating Fox News content, storage information, internal Fox emails, usernames, employee ID numbers, affiliate station information and more,” wrote Fowler.

“One folder contained 65,000 names of celebrities, cast and production crew members and their internal Fox ID reference numbers. The records also captured a wide range of data points including event logging, host names, host account numbers, IP addresses, interface, device data, and much more.”

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