password by locking the phone

Forgot your password by locking the phone: Our smartphone has become an important part of life. It contains a lot of our personal details, photos, chat, and personal information. That’s why most people keep a password or pattern lock on the smartphone. However, many times a situation arises when we forget the password/pattern of the phone. The phone does not open even after repeatedly entering the password. In such a situation the person does not understand what to do now.

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Anyone will get upset if they forget the lock pattern of the phone. People usually go to a mobile shop or store to get it fixed. People unlock the phone by paying money. But for the way we are going to tell you today, you do not need to go anywhere. You will be able to unlock the phone while sitting at home. (Note: This way the phone will be unlocked, but the entire data of the phone will be deleted.)

Google device manager may work

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For this, it is necessary that the phone is running internet, log in to a Google account and GPS is also open. Also, this method may not work for your phone.
Step 1: Go to from another phone or computer.
Step 2: Sign in to your Google Account.
Step 3: Select the phone you want to unlock.
Step 4: Select the ‘Lock’ option. Type your new password.
Step 5: Now the password will be asked on the screen of your phone. Entering a new password will unlock the phone.

This is how Android users do factory resetting

When neither method works, the last method remains to reset the phone. You can factory reset the phone even when it is locked.
Step 1: Switch off your phone and wait at least one minute.
Step 2: Now press and hold the power button and the volume down button simultaneously.
Step 3: This will bring this phone into recovery mode. Now select the factory reset option.
Step 4: Choose the option of Wipe Cache to completely clean the phone.
Step 5: Wait a minute and turn on your phone
Step 6: Now you will be able to access your device without entering the password.Forgot your password by locking the phone

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