Forgot your Android phone lock

Forgetting a smartphone lock can be a big headache.
How Android users can easily unlock
The latest Android phones can be unlocked

Forgot your Android phone lock?

Forgot your Android phone lock? Forgetting a smartphone lock can be a big headache. How can Android users easily unlock even if their smartphone locked or forgotten? How to do this can be seen step by step. Plus, you can unlock the latest Android phones, starting with older Android phones.

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  1. Android Device Manager (for Android 2.3 and above)
  2. Smart Lock (for Android 5.0 and above)
  3. Use your Google Account (for Android 4.4 and below)
  4. Third-Party Security Options
  5. Factory reset

If your Android phone PIN locked, it simpler and even better.

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Log in to your Google Account on your phone and log in to Android Device Management and select the device in question from the list of related devices in your account. You will see a lock pattern, now you have a clear lock on your phone. After locking your phone with the new code, this new son will replace the code you forgot. You will now be allowed into your phone with this new code.

New versions of Google have tighter security. Here the phone will be unlocked with a Google account login. Having a unique smart lock allows you to unlock the phone automatically if your home is connected to Wi-Fi. If you forget your pattern or pin lock you can unlock it with your home Wi-Fi.

No need to worry if you forget the pattern lock of your phone, here is the right and easy way to unlock it.

  1. Try 5 times to unlock your phone
  2. If it does not unlock in the fifth attempt, a “Forgot Patron” appears at bottom of the screen. Click there.
  3. Log in to your Google Account.
  4. After logging in with your Google account, you will be able to unlock a new PIN, pattern, lock, etc.

If your phone does not unlock, do a factory reset. this will erase the entire data on your device, select this policy trying all the methods.

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