Fantasy sports grow from pastime to the future of sports

Gone are the days when fantasy sports used to be a casual pastime for sports lovers. This format of the game is now making a big splash – in fact, a billion dollars big! You might not believe it, but the industry is projected to generate over $1.7 billion in revenue by 2017. But the story doesn’t end there – about 35 million people played fantasy sports last year, and IBIS World expects that number to grow next year. 90% during the next five years.
This revolution in this industry has come due to the digital age. Ever since the inception of smart devices, it has become much easier to access the websites that offer fantasy sports platforms at all times. There are countless websites, apps, podcasts and blogs dedicated to this topic. The demand for information about this new format of the game has never been higher as the entire industry is booming!
It all starts with registering on any of the well-known fantasy sports sites. There are ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports, Fox Sports and many more options. These sites provide you with forums, advice, predictions, analysis and everything else that is needed to win in any contest. You can either choose a standardized public league or you can start your own private league with friends or co-workers. Once you have done this, you can create your own team with the desired name and players.
Once you build your team and start participating in various competitions, you need to keep an eye on the news. Because league activity is fast-paced and changes accordingly as players get injured, promoted or demoted during play during the season. If you miss news about a player, chances are high that you will be punched by one of your competitors. Due to this constant need for information, media companies and advertisers are cashing in on the huge traffic generated by the industry.
According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Commission (FSTC), an average player spends 3 to 8 hours a day playing games on fantasy sports websites. Free-of-cost platforms are further accelerating this trend, leading to increased online traffic and revenue.

So this is the future of games. This is a new bullish trend that is currently showing no signs of slowing down. The new era of sports lovers has arrived and the business industry is already aware of their presence!

Source by Ricard D Knowles

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