Fact Check: Neither Odisha nor Andhra Pradesh, this scary storm video is from Hubbali in Karnataka

Cyclone Asani went from a deep depression over coastal Andhra Pradesh and further weakened to a depression, the India Meteorological Department said on May 12. But social media remained full of videos of the havoc it supposedly caused.

One such video was of strong winds blowing away furniture from an eatery. People shared the video on Twitter, claiming it showed the impact of Cyclone Asani in Odisha. Others claimed on Facebook that it was from Andhra Pradesh.

Even NDTV’s Twitter account shared the video on May 11 with the caption, “Rain Lashes Parts Of Andhra Coastline As #CycloneAsani Approaches.”

The India Today Anti Fake News War room (AFWA) found that this video was of a storm that hit Hubbali, Karnataka on May 5. It showed a canteen at Hubbali airport sustaining damage from strong winds.

The viral posts are archived here, here, and here.

AFWA Probe

Responding to NDTV’s tweet, Arunkumar Huralimath, a journalist with the New Indian Express, shared his tweet from May 5 that contained the same video. His tweet claimed it showed heavy rains at the Hubballi airport canteen. When we searched for incidents in Hubbali, Karnataka, we found another Twitter user who shared the same video on May 6 and also claimed it to be from the Hubbali airport canteen.

The Twitter account of a local news website “Hubbali- Dharwar Infra” shared a longer version of the same video (where a greater extent of the damage could be seen) on May 5 and claimed the location was the staff canteen at the Hubbali airport.

This video was also reported by news outlets like the Hubbali Times and News18. These reports too claimed the scene was from the Hubbali airport canteen as Karnataka encountered thunderstorms, gusty winds, and heavy showers on May 5.

With the help of our local correspondent in Hubbali, India Today contacted the canteen manager of the said Hubbali airport canteen for further confirmation. Jagdesh Bangera, the canteen manager of the Hubbali Airport Mini Canteen confirmed over the phone that the video showed his canteen hit by a strong storm on May 5.

Geolocating the spot

To further make sure the location was exactly what was claimed, we tried to geolocate the canteen at Hubbali airport on Google Maps. We found the “Airport Mini Canteen” on the map and it showed the exact spot with a straight road in front of it and a part of the structure covered by metal sheet as seen in the viral video.

We found a picture of the canteen on Google Maps, and upon comparing the viral video with that photo, we noted striking similarities.

At the 1.11-minute mark in the viral video, a freezer with “Dairy Day” written on it could be seen. The same freezer with the “Dairy Day” ice cream logo could be seen in the Google Maps photo as well. The iron beams supporting the metal roof, the lamppost, and the boulevard with the same yellow and black patterns could also be identified in both.

Thus, going by the eyewitness accounts, media reports, and geolocation, we confirmed that the viral video was not related to Cyclone Asani or from Andhra Pradesh. The video was shot on May 5 at the Hubbali airport canteen in Karnataka.

viral video claim false

ClaimThe impact of Cyclone Asani caught on camera in Andhra Pradesh. ConclusionThis video is not of cyclone Asani, but of a storm that hit Hubbali, Karnataka on May 5. It shows a canteen at Hubbali airport getting damaged by strong winds.


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