Hackers can deceive you with PAYTM KYC pretext and empty the account.
Always keep these things in mind to avoid such scams
There is a risk of taking information from you and hacking your account.

Digital payments have made our lives so much easier. Everything from online shopping to bill payment can be tidied up without moving from home. However, there is also some risk involved with having more convenience with these. On the one hand, even though all-digital payment platforms claim that everything is secure, there is no risk of hackers hacking your account.

Well, when it comes to hackers can deceive you and empty your account with KYC pretext even if there is no risk of hacking. So, always keep the following things in mind to avoid such scams.

Many people’s accounts have been hacked by hackers using this track. With this trick, scammers can intimidate customers by calling or texting them about KYC verification in advance. In this way, hackers gain access to the user’s account by intimidating users and taking their information from them.

In December 2019, Founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma also tweeted about such fraudulent messages. In his tweet, he warned not to fall into the trap of such messages. Shekhar Sharma, Do not trust messages about blocking your Paytm account or for KYC advice. They were sent by fraudsters who want access to your account, so please retweet about this. “


“Dear customer, your Paytm wallet is blocked and held.” Complete the PAYTM KYC of your account. Contact Customer Care 7827520873 if you receive a message.

If you have already completed KYC, ignore such a message and report it to Paytm. However, if you are wondering what the real message looks like, you may find that the message comes from “VK-PAYTM” instead of the normal number.

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