It is possible to earn from the comfort of your home using internet if you have some skills.

In the time of Corona Virus ,it is advisable to stay at home. In some parts of India there is curfew imposed by the government. So earning from home is a good way to earn in the present situation. Some workaholic people do not like to stay idle , such can people can try to earn money online. If you step out of your house , there are chances of getting infected by Corona Virus.

A person can earn online by writing articles or blogs. This option is good for those people who have good command over a language. Some people have good command over English language, such people can use platforms such as materjitips.com to write articles and share knowledge. Some people have good command over Hindi language , such people can use platforms such as www.parikshapoint.com to share their knowledge in Hindi language. People can use websites such as OLX and indeed to view freelance writing jobs from home. Along with command over a language ,a person must have skills to gather information through search engines such as google.

People who have command over an academic subject can solve the doubts of students on apps such as Toppr Tutor, Vedantu Doubt Expert and Chegg India. People can also upload their lectures on these platforms to earn money. Doubts of international students can be solved online using Chegg India. A person can download Vedantu Doubt expert app from google playstore to earn money online by solving doubts of subjects such as maths and science . A person will have to prove his potential by clearing a test first on Vedantu Doubt Expert App. People can use the website https://community.toppr.com to earn money by helping the students. On toppr website people will first have to gain certificate of the subject of their choice . On getting the certificate ,the person will have to go through

online interview and training. After that he can start earning by solving doubts of students online.

People should never pay any money for getting the online job . There are more fraud websites than genuine websites. Some websites do fraud by asking money in the name of

registration fees.

If a person is capable of sharing knowledge through videos or creating good videos, he or she can upload videos on Youtube to earn money online. A Person can create his Youtube channel and post videos. The earning of the person depends on the amount of likes and subscriptions he receives on his videos.

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