Draft Supreme Court ruling puts spotlight on Susan Collins

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Ethan: As a pro-choice Republican, where do you stand on the news that the Supreme Court is likely to strike down Roe v. Wade?

Phil: I understand the thinking behind the draft ruling. The right to abortion until viability was always on shaky ground as a constitutional protection. The controversy now unfolding illustrates why I believe a woman’s very personal decision should be codified in law by Congress. The fact that Congress may finally act, is the one silver lining.

Ethan: The constitutional protection is only “shaky” because our court was packed by a president who lost the popular vote (Donald Trump) and a U.S. Senate that refused to do its constitutional duty to consider a sitting president’s (Barack Obama) nominee. But if it is a law you want, call your friend Susan Collins. She claims she was duped, but on Wednesday she voted against beginning debate on a bill that would codify Roe in U.S. law.

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