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It’s no surprise that bolt party ideas and party supplies are one of the most popular kids party themes today. It’s been one of the top kids party ideas since the release of this fun kids cartoon movie! Disney movies are always very popular with kids and usually turn out to be an interesting and fun party theme.

Bolt movie is the story of a movie star dog of the same name. Throughout his life he has lived an imaginary world of nonstop action and superpowers – all without the realization that it is all fiction. In the early part of the film, TV Canine owner Penny is kidnapped during a scene in his TV series. Believing it to be a real kidnapping and fearing the worst for his master, the super powered dog sets out to rescue him. However, Bolt is accidentally deported from a Hollywood studio to New York City. Realizing this, he embarks on his most exciting adventure ever as he travels back home. During the film, he meets two unlikely characters—the kitten and the hamster the rhino.

Although the film rarely caught the attention of adults, it’s these three characters that make the film truly entertaining—they’re witty, witty, and 100% adorable. Bolt with your super power illusion; vanquish the cunning and skeptical alley cat that helped the Hollywood dog return home; and Rhino, the TV-crazy little hamster Joe Bolt’s No. 1 fan. These three characters compliment each other well – Bolt lightens Mittens, Mittens puts some sense into Rhino, and Rhino boosts Bolt’s confidence! Mittens tags in with Bolt because he gets to have dinner with him, Bolt enlists Mittens because he thinks he’s one of the “green-eyed” man’s spies, and Rhino, well he’s everywhere. Follows Bolt because he is his biggest fan.

Since Bolt has been a super dog throughout his film life, he genuinely believes that he actually has super powers. In the film, these characters face many challenges and mishaps, and he always handles these situations the same way he does in his films, of course with the help of his friends.

This animated flick from Walt Disney is something that will surely make everyone laugh. It is full of surprises and funny scenes, that there is no dull moment in it at all. An animated film full of depth, character, and humour, Bolt is considered one of the best family entertainment films to hit theaters in 2008.

Buy some plates and napkins with bolts… There are also some favor boxes filled with fun stuff to give as thanksgiving gifts. Make dog bone-shaped cookies for your little ones…they’ll get the hang of it! Find some fun party games to play…What about a dog bone pinata? Put a bolt cake topper on your homemade cake and you’ll be ready to entertain your guests. Some unique party ideas for this Disney theme can be found online, as well as party supplies that work with this fun theme. Dog party ideas top the list of popular party themes this year. Other fun dog party themes include The DOG, Pink Poodle in Paris, Scooby Doo and even Barn Yard Pets, which includes a dog at the animal party! Why? Because kids love dogs and anything the kids love is a great party idea!

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