Does your Smartphone battery run out quickly? Let’s do it

Keeping the battery healthy is very important for those who use an Android phone. Because the battery is healthy, then the phone performance will improve, and the lifespan will improve.

Smartphone Battery

Keeping the battery healthy is also very important for those who use an Android phone. Because our suffering is indescribable once charged in an emergency. Also, if we do not take proper care of it, it is likely to affect the performance of phone life.

Smartphone companies are also cautious about the batteries. In the case of Samsung Note 7, there have been a lot of reports in the past that the phones explode charging case Xiaomi phones. With this blow, Samsung told the users of Note 7 that there was a defect in that phone and asked them to return it. So be very careful when it comes to smartphone batteries.

There are also some myths about batteries. Do not charge overnight, as this will damage the phone batteries. Find out some such myths and the facts behind them in this article.

What is the price?

Charging overnight will not damage the battery

Do you know why a smartphone is called a ‘smart’ phone? There are many reasons for that. But if you charge the battery 100 percent after charging, your smartphone will stop charging. There is a special chip in your smartphone for this.

What happens if I leave it charging overnight?

The battery will stop charging when your phone is 100 percent charged. It will start climbing again when it reaches 99 percent. You will warm up your phone and shorten the life of the phone. So stop charging the phone for a long time.

Do not overheat the phone battery

Lithium-ion batteries are charging at temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, according to research, and charging at low-temperature results in plating on the lithium on the anode. It is not even possible to remove that plating. It also consumes your batteries life. So do not put the phone charging at low temperatures.

Do not stop charging the phone completely

Another rumor about the batteries is that it should not put on again until it fully charged. But very few people know that it drains batteries life. Lithium-ion batteries do not cost as quickly when fully charged. Experts suggest charging when the cells are 30-40 percent charging.

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